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    About The Side Way World

    So the picture is not the actual picture for the series, it's just there to fill in while I'm busy with other tasks.

    This project is called, The Side Way World. The main character Paradox and her best friend, A-Track work together to try and escape the felicity that they're in. Paradox, is just the name I use for her. The actual main character I was planning to use was one of the biggest characters in this series, Archive. Though, things change. If you know creepypasta..it ties into that fandom but it's in my world. It's hard for me to explain in writing...ahem. I'll go into more detail later.

    I don't really know how long I intend for the final project, and It's hard for me to work on from time to time due to my other tasks and how busy I am....School. This project has multi- episodes/Chapters to it.  I don't exactly know how many, because i'm still writing and working as fast as I can. I don't know when the project will be completed, that's one thing for sure. I don't mind if the voice actors take a while to see this and audition, but I would love for voice actors to come around as soon as they can and as long as they're interested.  

    Here are some more detail; 

    Paradox as a young child, her parents and her siblings lived as any other family. One day a strange man knocked on their door and had a talk with her parents. The man took her parents out to continue their talk without the children seeing them. Later the police came by their home and told the children that their parents had been killed. Years later Paradox's older brother, Angelo is head of the family manor soon the same strange man but older came to their door. After a heartbreaking and sullen talk with Angelo, Paradox was taken away with the strange man. At a gloomy and plant overgrown felicity the man open a metal door with a key pin that Paradox had seen, but only the first two digits. Soon she was taken into the basement and was thrown into a metal chain mail cage. The man left the basement, and walked away locking the metal doors behind him. Only a limited amount moonlight lurked through the window that ha wooden planks covering all but a small hole. A strange sound rumbled through the shadows in front of her. Only a skinny boy with four arms came out of the shadows and the metal shackles that cuffed his ankles was the only thing that was making that strange sound. He looked down at her trembling body and sat on his knees in front of her and hugged her with all four of his arms saying, "It'll be alright, freedom will come one day." 

    Well that's all I'm going to give for details, I don't want to spoil any further.


    Ages 12 and up may audition!

    Your mic DOES NOT have to be high quality. 

    Please be clear in wording.

    Please make your audio cuttable.

    Please contact me if any questions.

    Please if you want your OC to be in the series, please contact my email.

    About the Creator: flare art

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold