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Spencer Mak's Previously Completed Works

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About The Shadow - S2E5 - The Master Of Torture (Radio Recreation) V2

 “The Master of Torture,” is a tale of intrigue, terror, and counterfeit money. 
Lamont Cranston and Margot Lane were traveling back to America from Iran until they found out that Lamont Canston's friend, Larry Davis, is in Athens, Greece; so they decide to drop by and say hello. Unfortunatly, they realized that Larry is working on something big: A former member of the Nazi Gestapoc is incharge of a group of Communist who wish to destroy the Economy of Greece. Lamont Cranston and Margot Lane are soon recruited as Agents of Washington to Help Larry Davis and Colonel Xanados, The Officer in the Greek Military Intelligence. 
Lamont and Margo's mission are to protray as two thugs and join the group of Nick Campos; a Greek Gangster incharge of the distribution of the counterfeit money. 

Will this plan work, is it possible for them to stop this grave crime,
 or will they get caught by Nick Campos? 
The Shadow Knows! 

Cast (In Order of Appearence) 
The Disclaimer:
The Shadow: AnakinISD
The Announcer: Growat
Lamont Cranston: AnakinISD
Margot Lane: Themenguin
Larry Davis (Military Intelligence):
Nick Campos (a Greek Gangster): 
Pete (Campos’s American henchman) JosephDilger
Colonel Xanados (An Officer in Greek Military Intelligence):
Hotel Clerk: Fussbudgetjr
Walter Hohlmayer (An Ex-Member of the Nazi Gestapo) Xero

*Note* These pictures are to show what they should look like

Once casted. I will need the lines done as soon as possible and on .Wav format. If you have dropbox, that will work for sending me the lines. 

Recording each line 3 times is Recommended (To see which on e would fit better) 

About the Creator: Spencer Mak

I've been on this website for quite some time not. When I first started I was working on a Halo Machinima which didn't go so well, I had to cancel it due to the lack of body actors. During November of 2016; I began working on recreating The Shadow Radio Program with new voices, Since then, I have directed and produced the episodes by myself while voicing the main character Lamont Cranston, alson known as The Shadow for all the latest episodes.


I hope to continue this series with the Amazing Help from the Voice Actors and Actress' here on this website! 

And once finished with this Recreation Series, I will be working on yet another Series regarding The Shadow!

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold