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About The Sensational Spider-Man

Plot synopsis:

Peter Parker is a freshman in college at Esu after a year of not being Spider-Man to take care of his sick and dying Aunt May. Sadly Aunt May has succumbed to her fatal diseases (most likely cancer), and Peter is at his lowest point, but now as he enters college, he must strive and rise up once more to put back on the mask. As he once more dons his alter ego, The Amazing Spider-Man old threats and new threats have risen. As Peter continues to attend ESU, his old pal Harry Osborne has returned. Unexpectedly the brothers are reunited as also Peter’s ex-girlfriend Gwen Stacy and flirty friend Mary Jane Watson follow Peter to ESU. Peter’s life is about to get even more complicated than ever before as he also takes on a part-time job tutoring kids at midtown high, where he meets a bright young student named Miles Morales. As everything Peter’s life proves is that being Spider-Man will never be accessible, and him still coping with the death of Aunt May as well as Uncle Ben, it will make it harder for Peter to get past all his guilt. 

I want this series to create its own universe And set up different characters in the Marvel universe that could possibly have their own spin-off show .Will have 10 episodes First and Last will be a hour long and the rest are abou 30 mins

Episode Names 


Ep1: Spider-Man Once More 

Ep2: Unfriendly Reunion

Ep3: In The Shadows of Evils Past

Ep4: Creature on the Loose

Ep5: Blackout 

Ep6: New Kid on the Block

Ep7: Shock and Awe

Ep8: Demon In a Bottle

Ep9: A Greek Tragedy 

Ep10: If This Be My Destiny 

 This will be a 2-D animated series

The roles that are listed are listed by there importance in the story 

Pay will be Discussed when Production is rapped

About the Creator: boshiecork

Now let's talk about me Well I'm pretty straightforward just like all the people on this website I'm a big movie fan I love doing some voice acting when I can even though I might not be the best I also like writing you know having those fantasies of writing all these big blockbuster movies so one day I'm sitting there and I'm like you know what I think it's time for me to put the pen to the paper and here we are. If you need to reach me twitter is your best bet.

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