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    About The Run Away Princess

    PLEASE KEEP IN MIND that I am on Discord more than anything. If I send you the link to The Run Away Princess Discord chat, that means you are accepted for that role.

    About the Cast Discord :
    1: You must be online at least 1 every two weeks
    2: If you want to chat and share your channels, go ahead! :)
    3: Please be mature and NOT fight with others on this server. I will not tolerate it. Sowy but I don't ;-; (I hate drama that's why I wasn't in the Drama club/class for that reason xD)
    4: Have fun! Everyone there is friendly most of us don't bite (hehe). :)

    Please do try to be online every now and then to catch the latest updates! ^-^ 

    Things to keep in mind:
    I am very new at this... and I finally have the courage to ask for help. :)
    2: I have a few friends who'll try to help me with this series as well.
    3: I really... don't act professionally at times (99% of the time I'm not Professional). I find acting professional with a dark series is quite boring... So, be yourself and I'll be myself too because I do ask you to add on to the script when I'm working to. :)
    4: Just have fun with this. :) Okay? ^-^ 

    Here are some common questions I get:

    "What Is Run Away Princess?"

    Well, heads up. I'm bad at explaining things so...SORRY x~x, Because every time I do try to explain it, I get in the into the littlest things.. XD So... Here's the worst thing ever called a description: 

    1. The Run Away Princess is a series about a princess that was meant to be married and did not want that so run away and almost got her self-killed, and now is  finding out her past from what was hidden from her from years ago, she finds out why the "thing" was hidden from her for years and is planning to take back the thrown forcibly and it will be painful for the people that she once trusted but now are liars that hide this from her. If what would you do to find out your past? Well, this girl is taking the crown to that should be her's without a prince. Well, Imma need to hold my tongue because this story is not happily ever after, also this story will be introducing some characters from my friend demi2wolf's roleplay by adding in 3 or 4 characters which will be affecting this roleplay~

    When I have a better description of the series, I'll put it here/revamp this old one. ^-^ 

    Can I create a Character for the series and voice it?
    Yes! Just one and it is OPTIONAL. You'll just have to give me a little bit of their backstory (So we can keep on adding to them as the story plot reveals it's darker side- I mean what o-o), what they look like, and how you want them to be in the series [good or bad]. 

    Have you ever Voice acted before?
    Yes! I am still very new to it though.

    I currently am a voice actor for one of my friend series: Minecraft Mystery, and Dragon Wings If you're interested, go check out their series: 

    Play List For Minecraft Mystery's:

    Play List For Dragon Wings:

    When will the series be posted?
    Once a week or/two weeks! I want to make sure everyone can focus on their daily lives too [also giving them some rehearsal time].

    P.S: Please do keep your "bloopers". I will be doing reels on them. I find making mistakes a learning lesson. ^^; (If u don't want your bloopers posted, just PM me)

    Is there a way to contact you besides here?:

    Yes! You can contact me at these links:

    1. Youtube [Always on here]:

    3. Discord [Online almost every day]: GalaxyGirl378#7374       <<<See why you need discord ^^;


            Discord Groups Chat Demi's Den [Very Active on this chat]


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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold