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    About The Danganronpa singing group auditions

    The danganronpa singing group is widely known as the Remnants of Harmony, or ROH, is a Danganronpa based singing group. Auditions were originally held on the Danganronpa Amino and was inspired by a DR J-Pop made by the ROH's founder, Gabi.

    About the AU:

    The ROH was inspired by an AU which was made on the Danganronpa Amino. It takes the characters from the three main games (Plus Komaru and Izuru) and places them into a public school with little funding called Hopes Peak. In the Au, the 3 friends Hajime, Makoto, and Kaede recruit their friends to join a J-Pop group after Makoto was tired of the boring life he had. When they're first starting off as a J-Pop group they have the help of Hajime's twin brother, Izuru, because he works for a music company. They are also assisted by Komaru, Makoto's little sister. She taught them dance choreographies, picked songs for them to cover, and managed their MyTube channel. Thanks to the MyTube channel they were able to get famous and now preform all over the world.

     From this AU the idea for a singing group popped up.

    About the singing group:

    The singing group is officially known as the Remnants of Harmony, or ROH. The singing group consists of 39 members. 37 singers, 1 animator (Also a singer), and 2 people on our staff team. We have no editors yet and relay on the S/O of one of our singers to edit the videos together.  The singing group itself does not have any videos out on YouTube yet, because of our lack of editors. We also do not have every singing role filled thus why we are having auditions. We don't really have a need for singers to fill these characters though, our main priority is getting some editors who can make sprite videos with multiple backgrounds and mixers.

    The how's:

    We communicate using the Danganronpa Amino. We also use Discord but  not as much as we use DRA. We send our sung lyrics via email and will use YouTube to post finished videos.

    More stuff to know:

    Accent, Gender and sexualities, and Illness/Disabilities should not hold you back from auditioning. Our Akane singer has a slight accent. We have a Trans-Gender and the founder and leader of this group is Bisexual. A lot of the singers have anxiety, depression, or insomnia and one of us is on the autism spectrum. A microphone is not required either so that shouldn't hold you back. To be honest this group is for fun. Many of us use it as a stress reliever and others use it as a safe haven.  

    What is required for this singing group however is the Danganronpa Amino or Discord. It's how we talk. We prefer for you to have the Danganronpa Amino though-

    If you have any questions please ask

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold