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    About The Murder of Me Official Dub Casting Call

    Hello everybody and welcome to the casting call for The Murder of Me, a fanmade Sonic comic series made by the brilliant Gigi-D! I'm Nicole, director of the official dub of The Murder of Me though some of you may know me as SPD64 or SuperPrincessDaisy64 on YouTube.

    The Murder of Me is a thrilling story about the three main hedgehogs, Sonic, Shadow and Silver who battle against Zielo to save the world and it's inhabitants.

    Be sure to have a read of the comic here if you haven't already! It's definitely worth a read if you are a fan of darker Sonic stories:

    Some of you who are fans of this comic series will be pleased to know that this project is getting a re-dub after a long hiatus and will be released on Gigi-D's YouTube page which you can find here:

    The cast (so far) consist of:

    TheDragonSuperFan as Sonic the Hedgehog

    Wolfblade93 as Shadow the Hedgehog, Zielo, Dr. Venus and Mogul 

    SparkyRaptor as Silver the Hedgehog

    Gigi-D as Bernadette the Hedgehog 

    SuperPrincessDaisy64 as Amy Rose

    Blazerona as Tails the Fox

    However, even though we have the basic cast we are still in need of some voices in order to begin the comic drama of The Murder of Me and this is where you guys come in! There are a wide range of characters that are featured and each have a part to play in the story. Before you all go rushing in to audition, please take a look at the rules provided below.

    The Rules:

    1) This story is quite dark and has a few gruesome moments and so we WILL need you to be able to let out a convincing scream or yelling in an angry tone if your character ever will need to do so. We can't have whispered screaming in a comic drama that we are trying to create to be taken seriously with some epic moments. If you are in an environment where you are not able to let out screams/yells then please do not audition as you most likely will not get the part.

    2) This is very basic but please have a microphone with decent quality. Avoid any background noise as this can affect the audio for the comic drama in a bad way.

    3) We need voice actors who are very reliable and are easy to reach via Skype. We wouldn't want to give you a role if you are just going to be inactive all the time as it is not fair on the other people who may have tried out for the same role and it will delay the making of the comic drama if we are having to wait on you for lines. If you have a VERY busy schedule then I suggest not to audition for this series. We also would like you to have a Skype so that you can be added into the Skype group for TMOM to meet the comic creator Gigi-D and the other voice actors! 

    4) Before you scroll down to the comments section and ask, yes you are allowed to audition for more than one character so go nuts! 

    5) When recording please do about 3 takes maximum as it makes it easier for me to pick out which take on a particular line I liked the most. If you get the role and send me your lines with A LOT of takes then it can be hard to choose which take I liked the best and is also very time consuming.

    6) You must be open to recieving voice direction if you recieve a role. It can be difficult to work with an actor who is not open to recieving direction so it would make it much easier if we have voice actors who are okay with recieving voice direction.

    7) You must have a recording program such as Audacity. We don't accept the use of cameras or phones when it comes to voice acting for this. The main things you will need are Audacity and a high quality microphone.

    8) Have fun with this! Despite the dark tone that this comic series has, there are plenty of light-hearted moments and we also have a lot of fun when creating this comic drama and so be sure to have a lot of fun with this. 

    The deadline for this casting call is: 6th June 2016

    This deadline gives you about 2 months to get your audition handed in which is plenty of time!

    Welp that's all I have to say about this, I cannot wait to hear your auditions and if you have any questions then please comment below!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold