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Mkins's Previously Completed Works

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    About The Little World of Insanity

    It's anew horror story I am creating called: "The Little World of Inanity"

    Here's a little description!! ^_^

    Ellias George, age 15, has just awoken from a 5 year coma he was put in after he was hit by the car of a drunk driver, and has been diagnosed with amnesia.
    Upon awakening in I.L.L Hospital, he begins to notice that everything seems a bit.. off. Hallucinations, visions, voices and sounds, things that people can't see or hear... are the things Ellias is experiencing. But to top it all off, he can't tell if he's awake, or if he's asleep. It's like one. Big. Nightmare. Throughout this monstrous never-ending ordeal he meets 14 year old  Adira Anouk who is undergoing the same experiences well. They struggle to stay sane as they try to escape, their Little World of Insanity.

    Same rules apply as always!!

    1.) Be nice!

    2.) Have fun!

    3.) No bad-mouthing anyone!

    4.) Give support! *Optional!*

    5.) Be creative!

    6.) Again! Have fun!

    7.) Don't be nervous! I'm sureI'll enjoy the audition!

    Well, I hope you audition and Good Luck! ^_^

    *Note: Deadline is December 17, 2017*

    *ANOTHER NOTE: Main Characters are at the bottom!! ^^'*

    About the Creator: mkins

    Not much to say. 

    I'm just a weird girl who LOVES salt and vinegar chips, gummy bears, YouTube, music, Undertale, Gravity Falls, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, TWD, Pokémon, etc. 

    and I've lived a pretty O-K life I'm NOW just going into high school believe it or not, and OH! I almost forgot!

    People judge me off of how I act, talk, walk and look. It's not really FUN being me, but why not be positive about it? I don't care, at least I have friends, and then this.

    This is KINDA like a job/hobby and I'm seriously thinking about becoming a voice actor when I grow up because of this sight.

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