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    About The Language of Flowers Chorus Group Project! (New System)

    Hello fellow artists! My name is Sakura, one of the leaders of the chorus group, The Language of Flowers

    Some of you might have auditioned for the previous casting call held by Momo. Unfortunately, she has become ill and is now taking all the rest she needs to come back in full strength! Currently, this group is being led by sub-leaders and the head artist. Our project is flower meaning based and embraces diversity, ethnicity, culture, and creativity!  

    During our journey of leading a chorus group and gaining experience along the way, we have developed a flexible and cooperative system to help others participate in the various project proposals! For more information on the function of this system, visit our informative google doc:

    Brief Project Activities:

    All of the flowers will be personified into a human character and we'll be singing meaningful songs that compliment the meaning of each flower and its ethnicity. This concept also revolves around an international school setting, where all these personified flowers come together to express their individuality and unique charms in an Idol club formed by Sakura, Daisy, Violet, and Dogwood.

    As of now, we're looking for more crew members to aid us through this journey! If you fit one of the roles below, go ahead and audition! Hope to work with you soon ^^ 



    • Decent microphone quality (e.g. no background noise/mouth clicks/plosives/no special effects)
    • It's not mandatory, however, you can use background music as long as it doesn't drown the main vocals, they must be clear and audible!
    • Introduce yourself for 10-15 seconds :D We'd love to get to know you <3

    We also need Mixers, Artists, Harmony Guide Composers, and Outfit Designers so check out the roles below! 

    For any further inquiries, you can contact us through the following platforms:


    Q: Why aren't the other flowers available to audition for from the previous casting call?

    A: Great question! This is because we're trying to grow the group slowly and gradually so we learn to manage large numbers of people along the way! Although, we will be adding more flowers to the audition list in the future so keep an eye out ^^ 

    Q: Do we need to be competent at speaking the set languages for each character? 

    A: No. However, it's definitely a plus to be familiar with the culture and the language since we'll be working around each flower's diverse backgrounds as well ^^ 

    Follow our Twitter for updates on this project! <3


    We will be casting roles before the deadline! The dates are just there to have a basic timeframe.

    *EDIT We've implemented some rules regarding this chorus group project in the google doc above! 

    Have fun auditioning! 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold