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    About The Frog King

    This is an original Grimm brothers tale. It is a more boring one but it is still interesting nonetheless. 

    This is my first project and I am pretty leniant, but there are still rules. Some of these rules are pretty general, but I am going to say them anyway.

    1) Limit the static and background noise. (Microphone is not expected)

    2) Go to this site: and read it before auditioning.

    3) Be nice, and give lots of upvotes and comments

    4) Audition!! I don't care if there are 20 other auditions auditions, I still might pick yours!

    5) If you get the part, I will need you to message me your email and Skype.

    6) ACTIVE! I need people who check their email/Skype a lot or are on this site a lot

    Side notes- I do not have a lot on my channel, and what I do have is mostly fun little 10 second videos that did not take a lot of time, I plan on putting more work into this, and I will send all my voice actors links to the published video so that you can add it to your experience (If you want it to count). I will also go to all my voice actors pages and write a review, (If it does not bug out, so that one is not a guarentee). If you have a youtube channel, I will make sure to link it in the description, and subscribe to it for support. So as you can see, all the bribes. >-<.

    I will also keep your name on a list and if I liked your voice, and I have another part you would do well in, i will keep you in mind, and try to contact you about it. 

    I am really leniant, but will not tolerate late with excuses. If you let me know that you will need more time than I have given beforehand, I will most likely give it to you, but late with no notices will automatically get you recast. 

    The Narrator will have more time, because they have a lot of lines. That does not mean you will not get enough time.

    Deadline for lines is 2 weeks after I give them to you, and I will be staying in touch with you throughout those weeks, wanting progress reports. So be active. Narrator gets 3-4 weeks.

    You may audition for more than one for a better chance of getting in.

    I will also congratulate you for reading all of that. Message me if you have more questions.

    PLEASE! Please please please send me the bloopers, they are funny, and a good thing to laugh over. (No edited things please, just straight through)

    Youtube Channel:


    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold