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    About The Forgotten : A YouTube Series

    This series is a dark and a bit grim, so please be aware of this before auditioning. The series focuses mainly around 5 characters, Gael, Calvin, Veronica, Calieque and Vienna. The series follows each of them individually and eventually their paths will collide. The series focuses in on the fact that theres no happy endings, no heroes and no villains. Theres just people, some more lost than others. The series also is based off of several true events. Sorry for being rather vague about the series that is being planned, but we would like it to be a surprise for both the viewers and the cast. lets start with some basic rules :

    1. Please do not audition if you don't have time to do your lines. We are working with a short time frame and need our voice actors and actresses to have their lines in on time. You will have 1 month to get your lines in per season. The deadline can be extended if you give a good reason as to why your lines will be late. 

    2. This series will require a lot of time and commitment, we plan to have at least three seasons. So please be aware of that when auditioning

    3. Please don't get offended if your character dies, the script was written before hand and if your character is killed off, its not personal. 

    4. It would be preferred that you have the Discord app, this ensures quick communication and helps us to contact you faster. We have a cast server as well, so that you can meet and interact with your fellow cast members and maybe even make some new friends!

    5. Please keep a professional relationship with the writers. We aren't necessarily creating this series to become friends and we would prefer to have a professional relationship to prevent drama in the series and between cast members. 

    Thanks so much for reading through all that! Good luck with your auditions!

    P.S. there is light-medium swearing for almost every character in the series, please take note of that moving on. Depending on your character, the script can be tweaked if your not okay with swearing.

    About the Creator: AshBreyer101

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold