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About The Enmity Encore Ep. 2

Hi there!

My name is Tk and I am a fellow VO and MoCap artist. :D

Lately I have felt the need to create an original "Audio Series" consisted of an ever growing and developing story STRICTLY driven by audio and suggestions.


"The Enmity Encore is held every decade to determine the superior race in a galaxy. Contestants are taken from their respective planetary systems and are thrown into a month long battle, granted infinite lives, and are left to hunt, kill, and survive. At the end of 30 days, a score is tallied and the Champion is crowned for the next decade. All fighters are then returned to their planet. The reigning victor’s planet will become the battleground for the next Infinity Battle, and the remaining systems are destroyed. This year, the Infinity Battle takes place on the planet of Ichnaro, a planet with four hours of sun, and 20 hours of darkness."

For the audience:

Have listeners envision the characters, environment, and look in THIER mind. 

(Much like an audiobook, except with more sound design & VO. An audio play if you will. Or a radio show.)

For performers:

*Age, Voice, & Gender are all open for interpretation*

Be professional

Be loosey goosey (have fun)

Make these characters, battles and worlds YOURS.

Having Skype/Google Hangout helps for potential direction

REQUIREMENTS! (Having these will give you a better chance of being cast, but will not determine the final outcome. Use what you got, I'm looking for good people first)

-Slate first and last name

-wav or mp3 format

-record between -20dB and -12dB w/ -3db peaks and max -60db noise floor

-Have a good mic, and/or treated room

-Certain level of commitment (When cast, I would love to have you as a long term voice!)


Recieve copy of finished episode (per each appearance)

Collective Notes: Observations of how we performed as a whole, and what we can do to be better next time around

Individual Notes:Feedback/tips & tricks from professionals/peers/others in the industry (those with credibility) on improving your quality from acting, sound, business, etc.

*I cannot guarantee everything will be the best professional quality, but if we work hard to deliever quality material, we can all become better professionals*

More from the creator/director:

*As a creator and performer, this project is created to push myself and my abilities (and hopefully yours as well) all while having some fun. We laugh, we cry, we get confused, who knows, it's all in good intentions of becoming better entertainers and creators.

This project is aimed to be a long term, weird, "VO practice project" that is alive and breathing as long as we have those willing to help produce and perform.

If it goes well, *more characters and episodes will be added to the battle* on a weekly-monthly basis.  

If you have any questions feel free to message me, or visit tkgorgonia.com

Look forward to hearing your auditions! 

-Tk G.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold