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    About Zaryra High School.

    This is going to be in Minecraft roleplay and I'm going to be publishing it on my YouTube channel Hannah games what is going to be about is a group of friends who are in high school and they get bullied for no reason but no matter how badly they might get bullied  they will always stick with each other and never let each other down even though they fight they still love each other help them and Me by joining this project and see where the journey takes them.

    I like to have fun but I like to go over some ground rules to make this roleplay fun growing environment where we can get along and not have put-downs or anything that could be rude or harming to anyone
    Rule 1: please do not spam I get that you might want to be in this roleplay but please do not Spam made is really annoying I don't like my phone going off 24/7
    Rule 2: if you are doing an audition please use the line that you're supposed to use I mean if you really want to you can I details that would make it sound better but please do not use a random word Be serious.
    Rule 3:  I want to make this clear that if you are not able to record your lines because you don't have enough time or what's not I want to make this clear if i pick you I will give you the script but if you're not able to record the script within 10 or so days then please not addition
    Rule 4: please no background noise
    Rule 5: if you are making funny noises such as breathing heavily or moving your microphone or whatever device you are recording on and I cannot understand a word you are saying please do not do that but if you have to say something that is very like loud or heavy breathing then please do what the script says rule 6: if I think you to be in my world play please do detail the script and actually do what the scripture says
    Rule 7: and please have fun while you're doing this I want this to be a fun experience and not a boring roleplay where all you have to do is say your script and not have fun with it!

    Please follow my rules so everyone that I pick to be my roleplay can get along and not Clash heads every single minute

    I hope you audition for my roleplay the more the merrier even if you don't get picked to be in my roleplay still Edition you will feel very good about yourself that you have actually auditioned for a roleplay

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold