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About The Birth of Mega Man (Megaman Mastermix #1 Dub)

The year is 20XX. The world has become a place where robots and humans live and work side by side. Advancements in technology have yielded robots with souls. I've lived half my life with robots. I was invited to live and work in Japan, the leading nation in the field of robotics. After countless years of research and repeated failures, I was finally able to create robots who could live in harmony with humans.
-Exerpt from the journal of Doctor Thomas Light

In 20XX, Doctor Thomas Light managed to create a robot with a soul just like a human. From there the doctor made eight robots; two household helpers to act as his children and assistants - DLN-001 Rock and DLN-002 Roll - and six robots made for industrial purposes to revolutionize the robotics world - DLN-003 Cut Man, DLN-004 Guts Man, DLN-005 Ice Man, DLN-006 Bomb Man, DLN-007 Fire Man and DLN-008 Elec Man.
But one day, the latter six Light Numbers went berserk.
Overcome by a virus constructed by an unknown source, Cut Man and the other Light Numbers performed a complete change in personality. Taking control of the other robots, the Light Numbers began destroying the city and causing chaos wherever and however they could. No human militia could stand up to the organized robotic assault, and Doctor Light was helpless to stop it.
He was left with no choice but to concede to Rock's request, and turn his son into a combat robot.
And thus, Mega Man was born.

Megaman Mastermix is an ongoing comic series reprinting Hitoshi Ariga's original Megamix chapters in individual, full-color issues. From what I've read so far (Mastermix #1, Gigamix #1-2) it's a really good series, and I've always been interested in classic Mega Man's story. So why not give it its own voice?
If the first dub goes well, I'll make more based off of each of the Mastermix issues as they come out. But first this one must be finished! So let's get to it, shall we?

-You must have a Discord account, as that is how our team will communicate.
-You must have a microphone - no, your computer mic doesn't count. At least a Snowball or good-quality phone mic - just make sure it's good. Also, try to reduce static as much as possible, whether that be through microphone filters or after-the-fact editing with Audacity.
-The comic will be compiled all into one video ideally lasting 10-15 minutes. Hey, it's 80 pages!
-The Birth of Mega Man will be publicly uploaded on YouTube under the CreeperNinja360 channel.

Rock/Mega Man: jackharpy (
Roll: Mini Mint (
Dr. Light, Guts Man: tcmziggy (
Dr. Wily: GuitArchon (
Cut Man: CreeperNinja360 (me!) (
Ice Man: Mike Micheal (
Bomb Man, Elec Man: Jesse Morton (

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold