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    About Ten Feet to the West (SCRAPPED)

        Ten Feet to the West is an animated series created by...Me! Written and (hopefully) animated by Steel-Pineapples (Or on this website, gwalton5789). 

        Ten Feet to the West is about wolves and standing up for what is right. It's about three powerful sisters and their many friends on a journey towards equality in the pack. The sisters must face powerful obstacles- whether it be their enemies or their own minds, they will fight through thick and thin to become greatness. They will make unexpected friendships with a deer herd, cause an uprising, and eventually achieve glory. 

        Currently, the series is 26 episodes long. I have only written 26, but I plan on merging some episodes and making it about a total of 30. It is a dialogue-heavy series so I'm searching for some good ol' voice actors to help me out.

        Currently, this casting call is only for the FIRST EPISODE. I am not casting any lead roles currently since those roles do not appear until episode 3. MOST of the roles posted below will re-appear in the series at later times, but, they are not main/lead roles by any means. This is simply a test run for me! I want to see how much attention the series attracts and how many auditions I receive. If I don't get enough, I will scrap the story. If it's getting a lot of attention, I will cast the episode and begin coloring and finishing up the episode's storyboard. 

        These roles are all unpaid roles and they are simply resume boosters and for fun. If you want to professionally voice act, look elsewhere. I am looking for talented (but not professional) individuals who are excited and dedicated to voicing my characters. Listed below are the roles for the episode.

        Feel free to audition as many times as you'd like for any and every role! I also am that kind of director that double-casts roles, so it is in your best interest to audition for multiple roles.

        Some pointers from me to you:

        - Have a clear microphone please. A little bit of background noise will not kill you! But a lot can cost you a role. Just keep the noise to a minimum!

        - Be dramatic, PLAY with the roles! I want someone who can experiment and enjoy the roles, not just read off lines like a robot. Even if you don't convey an emotion correctly, I LOVE to see the effort of emotion in auditions.

    ROLES (In order of appearance):

    - Narrator

    - Swan

    - Ensemble

    - Kiara

    - Matt (Alpha)

    - Floodfur

    - Alphas (Ensemble)

    - Rosalind (Alpha)

    - The Sirens (Females 1, 2, and 3)

    *Images will be added later, I am still working on official character reference sheets and designs. After all, my priority was on the lead roles first!

    About the Creator: gwalton5789

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold