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Yuiri's Previously Completed Works

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    About Tales of Berseria Character CM Trailers English Fandub


    Berseria will mainly take place in the Holy Midgand Empire, a powerful country that rules over this world's archipelago of a continent. The game's world is shared with Tales of Zestiria, although the events will occur in the distant past of Zestiria. There are countless numbers of islands around, and Midgand's rule crosses even the seas. Areas of land and islands in the game are divided into "territories." Along with humans, one of the other main races is the Malakim (singular: Malak), supernatural humanoids without any emotion who are used by humans as slaves to utilize their magical abilities. Throughout the empire, a disease known as Daemonblight causes those infected to lose their humanity and sense of rationality and transform into monsters known as Daemons, who pose a threat to the world. Along with the rulers of the Holy Midgand Empire exists a theocratic order known as the Abbey, who are of great political and religious importance and are influential in imperial affairs. The Exorcists, soldiers from the Abbey, are tasked with purging the world of Daemons and bringing peace and are willing to go to extremes to reach their goal. The game's story also tells of a savior who would bring peace to the world.

    (Taken from Wikipedia)

    About the Project

    Tales of Berseria is the newest game being released under the Tales franchise 
    and as a Tales fan, I thought it would be fun to put together a little something
    before the game's official Japanese release (August 18, 2016). At this point, I've only
    planned to have the character CMs dubbed and individually released each day leading up 

    until the release date, however, if the schedule proceeds along smoothly, I might pull a surprise out of my hat. The mixing is finished and scripting is 95% confirmed/solidified.
    I hope you have fun auditioning and if you have any questions, feel free to message me!

    ** Caution: Script is subject to change, therefore the current audition lines may be altered should I determine that the translation is in need of correcting. 


    ► Reference

    I recommend watching the Japanese Tales of Berseria Character CMs if you 

    want an idea of the game and voices of each respective character.

    1. Please try to make your audition, as clear as possible. Try to avoid getting puffs, clicks, background noise, etc in your recording.
    2. If you are cast, please have a method of contacting me (email is preferable).

    About the Creator: yuiri

    Planned Future Projects
    K-ON (?)
    Kyoukai no Kanata Mini Theater (?)
    Final Fantasy (?)

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