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About Symphony of Flowers [Youtaite Chorus]


Are you looking for a group of youtaites to hang out with, mess around with, and sing with? Then you should consider joining my group!

Hello! I'm Akaila, and I'm creating this group because I want to sing with other people (and also because I need friends 😆).


This is an OC group, so don’t worry about trying to sound like a Vocaloid. 

This group will be covering mainly Vocaloid songs in English and in Japanese, with some anime openings sprinkled in there. Songs will be chosen based on suggestions by group members and then being voted on. There will be both chorus (like hitoshizuku x yama and Halyosy) songs, as well as solo songs turned into a chorus.

While this is a fun group to meet people and make friends (haha can you tell I really want more friends), we're going to try and be consistent with uploads too. We'll be creating a lot of stuff! My goal is a cover every 1-2 months. 

The nature of this group is to have a lot of people (to maximize friends!), so (assuming we have enough people) everybody won't sing every song. We'll rotate through people (roughly) so everyone gets a chance to sing! Plus we'll have giant chorus songs, and event songs because that's fun. 

There’s also a lot of voting that will happen, because yay community/group feedback. 

Who am I looking for?

  • Vocalists

  • Artists

  • Mixers

  • Animators

I want to accept as many people as I can, but if I get an insane amount of auditions, I will have to put a cap. You may double as staff and vocalist. 

Note for staff: Don't feel pressured that you need to do every song we ever cover, I'll try my best to split the load. 😊 For artists: I am planning on re-using artwork for the vocalists, so we’ll start with songs with less people and the all-group songs will reuse art that’s already been created. For mixers: It’s a chorus, so you need to be able to mix for multiple people.

I am also looking for co-leaders. They will be people who are already in the group, and I’ll decide on that after we get a couple videos up and I get to know you.


  • Be active. I understand that most people are in school (me included) so you can't be online at every hour of every day, but say something at least once a week, please. I want this to be a warm (tight-knit) group where we can talk and have fun often.

    • If you find yourself in a place where you can no longer be active, please let me know and we’ll discuss it. 
  • If you're new to this and would like to audition, go ahead! I’m all for bringing up new singers.  Shout out to Raspberry Trance Chorus even though it fizzled out

  • Discord. That will be the only way we communicate. 

  • Please be kind and respectful to everyone. This group is intended to create friendships and to have a good time. Leave the foul language and inappropriate stuff at the door.

    • On that note, three strikes and you’re out. (On the third offense you’re kicked.) 

  • Please respect deadlines. They are there for a reason. If you have a problem with it, you must talk to me about it before the deadline. Nobody wants to see the hard work of several people go to waste. ☹

  • Have fun! That’s why we’re all here right? Because we love doing this and we want to have fun.

How to audition?

You may audition with videos or recordings (like mp3s that don’t have a video). Just don't use many effects on your voice please. I want to hear your lovely voice. Use something from the past three months, and is a solo cover. Please use the audition forms so I have a single place for all of them and don’t accidentally miss yours!

Vocalist Audition

Staff Audition


The best way to contact me is by contacting me on Discord. Sporastastic Akaila#6703. Or you may contact me on Casting Call Club, Amino, or the comments section of however you found this chorus. If you are contacting me, please let me know that you’re coming with questions regarding the chorus (like explicitly say ‘I have questions regarding your flower theme chorus’) because if I’m not sure where you’re from, I may ignore you.

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