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Thequeerquesadilla's Previously Completed Works

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    About Sweet Voices & Hella Acting

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    - [PLEASE READ] -

    Hello! We are a collaborative Homestuck dubbing group that is looking for a variety of voice actors and actresses who wish to dub Homestuck content with us.

    Now, as we will want this group to be as high-quality as possible, we ask for a few things when it comes to auditioning:

    1. Little to no background noise/white noise. Please. 

    (The less editing we have to do with your audio, the better)

    2. Please be able to give multiple takes of a line. Give at least 2-3 with a different inflection in each.

    (This will show us that you are capable of bringing the whole spectrum of emotions into your character)

    3. No headset, laptop, phone, or webcam mics allowed. If you plan to upgrade to a better mic soon once cast, and we mean very soon, then we can totally understand. But any and all auditions submitted that were recorded with any of the following mics listed above, and there is no intent to upgrade anytime soon, will be deleted straight away. No exceptions!

    (This rule is SUPER important! Please do not disregard it)

    4. Please emote. We can’t stress it enough how important it is to be able to emote. We’re not looking for emotionless robots here. We’re looking for those who can make us believe that for a few moments they are indeed those characters.

    (Especially for characters like Rose & Aradia)

    5. Using the same voice for multiple characters will result in you having your audition deleted. The characters aren't in an anime. They're in a goofy webcomic. We’re looking for various cartoony voices and the like.

    (Don't be the one who ignores this rule)

    6. Please be respectful to those around you if you get cast or not.

    (No harsh comments or personal attacks)

    7. Have fun!

    (And may the odds be forever in your favor!)

    *Failure to follow the guidelines will result in your audition being deleted*

    About the Creator: thequeerquesadilla

    Voice Acting Slut™

    I'm Kyle! I'm an internet voice-actor, a professional in the art of procrastinating, and I am consumed by the dankest of memes. Also, no surprise, but I am indeed a queer quesadilla.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold