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Litrien Roles's Previously Completed Works

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    About Steven Universe Covers ! HUGE PROJECT! (Lots of roles !) *NEW ROLES ADDED* (NEED MORE MALE SINGERS) GENDER BENT INCLUDED !

    CASTING WILL BE DONE IN LATE DECEMBER ! (Cannot change the deadline past a month)
    This project will be pretty long term ! No worries ! Until we get to your character's song you can work on anything else you wish to !

    Purely just for fun ! This is for animators/artists, singers, audio engineers, video editors/audio editors, lyricists and musicians alike ! If this all goes well, this project is going to be huge as I want to make cover songs for many Steven Universe songs. Gender-bent would be welcome covers as well as extended and our own ! (Example such as making lyrics/song to Sugilite's theme) This project may most likely last a long time ! Like past Christmas ! (Long time I know but due to the art, animation, music, and lyrics it will take a lengthy amount of time)

    Will add more characters later !

    This project includes many roles ! Everywhere from citizens of Beach city, to the main characters, and to fusions as well !


    Everyone will get recommendations even if it says that on the cast I can only cast one person per role, even though I need multiple.

    I will be helping with piano/art/lyrics/and animations ! And making sure everyone is working okay and there is no questions ! I will also be singing the very last cover of this project "Love like you" In my terrible voice but ya know, I wanna contribute too *Shrugs* So having said that, good luck everyone !!


    The finished products will be posted on this youtube channel (Under work) - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeSJNbu2mh9vPeif5z128sw?view_as=subscriber

    About the Creator: LitrienRoles

    Hey ! I'm Jc !
    I am a 17 year old female, I tend to mainly do impressions (It's weird, but animals). And I'm looking to broaden my reach, taking my friend's advice ^^

    I draw/animate (Animating wise I am a rookie)

    I play guitar(a bit) and piano (3 years now)

    I sing a bit (Still bad)

    I've mostly taught myself in these things so in no way am I good, it's a hobby, but I wish to take up more of it !

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold