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Abaker516's Previously Completed Works

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    About Starbomb: A Fan Musical (Concept Album Recording)

    Hello, everyone. I am interested in doing a musical based on Starbomb, Game Grumps, and Ninja Sex Party, and would like to create a "cast recording" in order to better show what the songs will sound like. I plan to provide all those who are involved with a copy of the music from the musical as a sort of "present" for being part of this adventure.

    The plot of the musical is that Dan and Arin, two friends who enjoy singing songs about video games to people, have just blown their latest gig, and are unsure what they should do next. After a video game session leads to an improved rap, the two decide to create a band and perform video game based raps. Along the way, they encounter trials and tribulations, learning the truth that "friendship is more important". This musical will feature appearances from Ninja Brian, Jon, Suzy, Barry, Ross, Graham, and more of the Grumps crew, in the Grumpin'-est musical ever.

    I want to record the songs that I plan to use for the musical, as well as some lines of dialogue. There will be plenty of roles to audition for, and I can't wait to see what everyone brings.


    Thought I would add the full song list onto here, to give people a better idea of what music layout will be like.


    Dont Sue Us (Opening):  Arin, Dan, Ninja Brian

    ACT I

    Hey Kids! (Sonic's Best Pal):  Arin, Dan, Children, Graham
    The Grump Room (Game Grumps Theme):  Barry, Suzy, Ross, Arin, Dan
    Regretroid:  Arin, Dan, Suzy, Barry, Ross
    GET OUTTA HERE (Mr. Wilson Rap):  Dan, Arin
    Attitude City:  Ninja Brian, Suzy, Dan, Arin, Barry
    Dragon Slayer:  Dan, Arin
    Rough Times (Mega Marital Problems):  Emily, Suzy, Arin, Dan
    RAP BATTLE! (Ryu VS Ken):  Arin, Dan
    Jons Triumphant Return (Jontron State of Affairs/Jontron Main Theme):  Jon, Jacques
    Crasher-Vania: Jon, Arin, Dan, Suzy, Barry, Ross
    Pause Friends (Pauseballs):  Dan, Arin, Jon, Jacques

    ACT II

    Luigi's Ballad:  Dan, Ross, Emily
    Let it Grump: Arin, Ross, Barry, Jon, Jacques
    Start Friends (Pauseballs Reprise):  Dan, Arin
    Starbomb (Opening Reprise): Dan, Arin, Graham, Ninja Brian
    Performing for the Execs (Mr. Wilson Rap Reprise):  Dan, Arin, Graham
    Its Dangerous to Go Alone: Dan, Arin, Graham
    Dans Love Song (Peppermint Creams/Why I Cry):  Dan, Emily, Ninja Brian, The Gods
    Dan Gets Laid (Kirbys Adventures in Reamland):  Dan, Emily, Arin
    The Last Steps (Soar Onward):  Dan, Barry, Suzy, Ross, Arin, Ninja Brian
    I Choose You to Die: Company
    "Bows" (Smash Instrumental): N/A


    1, 2, 3 (Outro): Arin, Dan

    About the Creator: abaker516

    Hi! I VA and create projects like Kingdom Hearts: The Org! You shall be entertained

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