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    About Star Wars Animated Remake (2nd Casting)

    WAR STAR: Star Wars Animated Remake - Voice Casting Part 2

    This project is a follow-up casting call for our animated film series. Some of you we have invited back, though everyone is welcome to participate.

    Our goal is to retell the story of Star Wars.

    But we must be clear, this is NOT Star Wars. Yes, we say it’s a remake, and it may start out looking something like Star Wars, but it won’t end up being Star Wars. When production time rolls around, what we end up with will be ultimately unique; a humorous parody of a popular film with vague similarities.

    Our voice search will borrow Star Wars characters for the sake of the audition, but understand that if you audition as Princess Leia, you will NOT be voicing Princess Leia, but rather a similar character in our film.

    This casting is quite unique. You will notice that we do not have multiple character profiles. Instead, we have one, generic character that represents every character in the film. We are simply looking for interesting voices. And we intend to match each voice with the character we feel it best fits. You will also notice there is no dialog, just a link to a page that contains the entire dialog from Star Wars. This is because we are looking for actors who know their strengths and are willing to make the effort to find the scene they are most comfortable with. We feel that if you want to be part of this project, you will look over the scenes and choose one you think fits you best. So we are not providing guidance to the scene(s) you may want to act out. It is strictly up to you.

    Acting is just as important as the sound of the voice. This is why you will audition with Star Wars dialog instead of our actual story dialog. This method will (hopefully) allow you to re-enact a scene you already know and have a feel for.

    You may audition as many times as you want, using any dialog from any Star Wars movie. But you must play the character (any character) with your own interpretation. If you feel Vader needs a Southern drawl, then give him one. Just act it out in a way that seems natural.

    WARNING: Any straight character impersonations will be passed over.

    Please note that our story will rely heavily on comedic timing. There won’t be any one-liners or pratfalls. The humor will exist entirely in how the lines are delivered. So try to audition a scene or a few lines in a way that seems humorous.


    To help better explain this project, we have uploaded a video that introduces a web series detailing our voice search. The video series is intended to be fun, though we are serious about finding voices. The series will guide the viewer as we find voice actors and as we modify the Star Wars storyline along the way.

    Through the characters of the series, we will show how our Star Wars remake ultimately becomes unique. We will also showcase some of the humor of our story and give you opportunities to voice the characters of the series.

    The casting series is intended to be informative and fun. So even if you don’t intend to participate, you may want to subscribe just to watch the videos.


    * Audition as many times as you want for any number of characters.

    * Find the audition dialog on the external page found here.

    * Be unique in your voice. NO IMPERSONATIONS.

    * Try adding some humor in the way you say one or two of your lines.

    Watch the video.

    * Visit our site to learn more at Film Retold.

    Also note: We will not leave comments on your audition. If we see potential for a character, we will contact you directly, but not until after the auditions end.


    About the Creator: filmix

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold