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Poisoncrab's Previously Completed Works

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    About [PROJECT CLOSED] Source Engine Machinima (Action/Adventure/Comedy)

    This is a machinima project that I've worked on over the winter.  I've provided as many voices as I can and already did all of the filming and animating, and I'll be doing the editing as well.  Production is pretty much finished, however I do need some help with additional voices.  I'll try and give the best character descriptions I can so you'll have an idea on how to deliver the lines.

    The 3 main characters:

    Wilson (Male, already voiced) -- a bumbling fool.  Wilson tends to act without thinking and often makes mistakes that end up breaking something.  Wilson's poor judgement often annoys the other characters.

    Master Chief (voice actor found) -- In the Halo series he was a bad ass hero, but in this story he is not.  Master Chief is very lazy and speaks in a condescending tone.

    Evan (Male, already voice) -- The only normal one out of the three, and even he can have quarks sometimes.  Evan is often the only one doing work around the house and gets rather irritated with Master Chief & Wilson.

    The Demon Characters (villains):

    Arch-Vile (male, already voiced)

    Revenant (male, voice needed)

    Boss Demon (male, already voiced)

    Hammer Demon (male, already voiced)

    Demon Beast (male, voice needed)

    Extra character:

    Benson (male, already voiced) -- A distant friend of the 3 main characters.  He lives a secluded life out in the woods where he brews his own liqueur, which Master Chief & Wilson enjoy getting drunk off of.

    The story:
    Master Chief and some of his (sort of friends) plan on going camping for the weekend.  The first half of the video is Evan dealing with master chief and Wilson as they agitate him throughout the day.  Master Chief is refusing to help set up the tents and Wilson is firing an assault rifle into the river in order to catch a fish.  Master Chief drinks all of the booze and refuses to get any more himself, so he sends Evan out to some secret stash in the woods and the meat of the story begins here.  What seems like a normal task turns into a Lord of the Rings style Journey.  Evan is attacked by numerous demonic creatures before getting these two obnoxious people some liquor.


    The intro:

    Evan is the only one here that is getting ready for the camping trip.  Master Chief is laying on the couch watching T.V and Wilson is fooling around with a light saber he built.  After yelling at Wilson for messing up the house with the light saber Evan then goes to see what Master Chief is doing; only to see that he's just slacking off, doing nothing.    I'll now post the scripted scene below; the " marks represent a spoken line while the * symbols highlight an action.


    Evan - "Really Master Chief?! Why aren't you ready?! This camping trip was your idea."


    Master Chief - "Piss off Evan, I'm watching T.V right now, we can camp later"


    *Evan turns off T.V*


    Master Chief - "Turn that back on you asshole!"


    Evan - "no, now stop being a pompous prick and get ready"


    After being bothered enough Master Chief then agrees to go camping.


    Now the story moves to the campsite.  Wilson is fishing in the river with an M16 and Evan & Master chief are laying

    by the campfire.  The scene I'm going to post below is long but I feel like it's important to understand the situation to better deliver the lines for Master Chief here.  remember the " symbol is spoken dialog while the * is an action or event.


    Evan - "are you going to help me put up those tents?"


    Master Chief - "not a chance"


    Evan - ...


    Wilson - *having no luck shooting any fish* "Goddamn fucking fish!" *annoyed with fishing he runs back to the

    campsite* *as Wilson arrives he's confused as to why the tents are not set up yet.*


    Wilson - "weren't you guys suppose to be pitching tents while I was fishing?"


    Evan - "you have Master Chief to blame for that"


    Wilson - "Damn it Chief..."*notices a strange gun* "what is this thing?"


    Evan - "Don't touch that Wilson!"


    *Wilson doesn't listen and picks up the gun and starts playing with it*


    Wilson - "What does this even do?" *wilson figures out how to work it, it shoots a strange heat wave* "whoa, that's

    pretty cool"


    Evan - "Wilson put that down! It's not a toy!"


    *Wilson continues to play with it*


    Master Chief - "your going to kill someone you idiot!"


    *Wilson then fires the gun at a pigeon near him and it begins to swell.*


    Wilson - "uhhh, what is it doing?"


    Master Chief - "Oh my god!!"


    Evan - "WILSON STOP!!!"


    *The bird explodes and everyone is in shock*


    Master Chief - "that just ruined my night"


    Wilson - "Why didn't you guys tell me that was going to happen!?"


    Evan - "We told you to stop fucking playing with it!!"


    Wilson - "Well I didn't know that was going to happen! I am really upset about this! *looks at a big stain of blood

    where the bird once stood* "That use to be a bird!"


    Master Chief - "Wilson just shut the fuck up and put the gun down!"


    Wilson - "Fine with me, I want nothing to do with this bird popping device! *throws the gun toward the river*


    Evan - "Hey! that thing was a lot of money!"


    Wilson - "Fuck your Bird blood money!"


    *it is now later in the day.  Master Chief is looking in a large crate.*


    Master Chief - "ahhhhh, there's no more beer left"


    *Wilson walks by*


    Wilson - "Man I need to skin the hippo" *walks toward the river*


    Master Chief - "what?"


    *Evan walks back into the camp site with a log*


    Master Chief - "Evan, I need you to do me a huge favor"


    Evan - "what..."


    Master Chief - "me and Wilson drank all of the beer so I'm ganna need you to get us some more."


    Evan - "I'm not driving all the way into town to get you more beer"


    Master Chief - "you don't have to go into town.  Our old friend Benson has a secret stash in these woods"


    Evan - "why don't you just get it yourself"


    Master Chief - "I wish I could but I'm super tired, and very drunk"


    Evan - "you can't at least come with me to show where this stash is?  And so I'm not in the middle of the woods by



    Master Chief - "sorry! but the will to not give a's too great!!"


    *Evan walks away without commenting.  Evan attempts to ask Wilson who is pissing in the river.  Of course Wilson

    refuses to go to so Evan is on his own.*

    Where assistance is needed: 

    The Revenant demon (Male Character).  The revenant demon is a monster from doom, I'll be using the doom 3 model.  


    This is the second opponent Evan will face on his journey and a nasty one he is.  The revenant has an impatient and aggressive personality, which is very much reflected in his speech.  His voice is deep and menacing.


    The scenes:
    As Evan starts the Journey two demons are camping elsewhere in the woods.  The revenant walks onto a little dock by the river and looks around, noticing that something is wrong.


    Arch-Vile (the revenants demon buddy that's camping with him, he is already voiced.) - "What is it? What do you smell?"


    Revenant - ........"man flesh"


    Arch-Vile - "Then I know what must be done"


    Revenant - "Before you go can you roast some of those hot dogs?" "Really dying for some hot dogs right now."


    The Arch-Vile goes off to fight Evan but he eventually fails.  Meanwhile the Revenant is back at the camp, pacing back and forth impatiently.  


    Revenant - "Where is he?!"*he hears his friends screams of pain off in the distance* *The revenant grows angry and teleports away.  He teleports into some strange evil looking crypt.  A ghost is there waiting for him.  The revenant approaches him after teleporting in.*


    Revenant - "Take me to the surface." *they start walking down a hallway where corpses are hung like decorations.*


    Revenant - "I like your new decorations"


    Ghost (already voiced) - "Thank you."


    *The revenant makes his way outside and appears to be rallying troops.*


    Revenant -*shouting* "One of our brethren has just fallen in battle!!!  Comrades! Too arms!!!"*Only a few people were listening to the war rally.*


    *Meanwhile, Evan's journey continues, unaware that the revenant is watching him from afar.  The Revenant suddenly teleports in creating a shock wave that knocks Evan over.* *The demons friends run in, but don't get into the fight just yet.  The Revenant fires an energy ball at Evan but he dodges it.  Evan tries to counter attack but the Revenant teleports away.  Then his friends join in the battle but Evan makes short work of them.  Another one of this demons friends appears with a strange staff.  He casts some odd magic with it and a group of demonic skeletons appear.  The skeletons charge at Evan but he makes short work of them as well.  The Revenant rejoins the fight and fires two heats seeking missiles at Evan.  Evan tries to out run them for a while and manages to quickly evade them behind a pile of rocks.  The Revenant saw this and attempts to find him there.  but without any luck.  His friend with the magic wand thing comes over as well.  Evan suddenly jumps in-front of the Revenant, causing him to panic and shoot a rocket, Evan dodges and it blows up his friend.* (any additional phrases can be ad-libbed throughout this scene if you like)


    Revenant - "I can't believe that just happened" *Evan charges him with his saber* "OH GOD!!!"


    Evan kills him and continues the journey.


    The next and final voice I need is a giant demonic beast (also a Male character).  His model is the guardian from doom 3. 


    This guy is summoned by the final demon that stands in Evan's way.  As the fight began to favor Evan the big bad demon summons this gargantuan beast from hell to aid him.  The beasts voice is deep and growling.  The beast has a far more laid back personality than previous demons.


    The scene:
    as the beast is summoned in he immediately peruses Evan.   Evan tries to outrun him but he can't and the beast swallows him whole.  The big bad demon who summoned him comes to the scene.


    Boss Demon (already voiced) - " does human taste?"


    Giant Beast - "It's alright, a bit on the gamy side though."


    Boss Demon - "huh"


    Giant Beast - "oh dear, my belly is starting to hurt"


    Boss Demon - "if your gonna puke do it in the river"


    Giant Beast - *turns around to throw up in the river* "The pains coming from my ass now!"*Then Evan saber ignites out of the beasts ass, blood spurting everywhere and the beast screaming bloody murder. (the scream will need to be voiced, it's a long blood curdling scream of agony.)  The demon warriors jaw drops.  Evan begins to fall from the butt of the beast.*


    Boss Demon - "is this really happening right now?!"


    Beast - *ass now torn asunder* "I'm never doing evil again, this is not worth it."


    Boss Demon - "Well, you just ruined my day.  Let's just get this over with."


    Evan charges the demon with his sword.  The demon prepares an energy ball which hits Evan but he takes the hit

    and continues to attack his foe.  Evan succeeds and cuts the bastard down.


    Evan - "It's over"


    Demon - "this isn't over, we will meet again"


    Beast off in the distance - "anybody have any ice for my ass?"


    The weather clears up and Evan continues on and finally reaches his destination.


    If anyone wants to help out with these couple voices that would be greatly appreciated, I'll post my email below so you can contact me and/or send me your voice clips. 




    P.S; Concerning the Boss demon, I've got my brother to do his voice.  If it doesn't work out however I'll open up his role for anyone who wants to voice him.

    I managed to get a good voice for Master Chief but if someone else wants to offer their voice for the character than your welcom to try. But note that MC is not my focus at this point so if your going to voice Chief then atleast provide voices for one of the two demons as well.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold