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Zoomi Zimi's Previously Completed Works

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About Sound of Roses |Horror Minecraft-Roleplay| - [Starry League Studios]

Plot/Lore - In this world, there are unknown creatures called, "Seraphs". Now, scientifically we say that they were human experimentation. However, that once human experiment, there is no data or information on what it was originally. We have this group of children/teens, ranging from 10-18, in one huge group. They set off to find out the mystery of the "Seraphs". They run into countless deathtraps, and some may experience death themselves. 

This will have a bit of romance that includes some LGBTQ+ content. Just want to let you know!

Hello! Welcome to the Sound of Roses audition page! I want to show a few rules here after showing the lore, but I won't be very strict.


1. Not a rule but we require an age of 10+. I'm sorry, we may do exceptions. :)

2. Please have Discord, as that is our main way of contacting each other. But if you don't have Discord, just put that information in your audition description so I can contact you through CCC

3.  Clear microphone, and minimum background noise! (It is fine if you have just a little bit.)

4. State your name that you will go by, and discord! But if you want to message your discord # to us privately, please do so. :)

5. Once you've auditioned, please go to https://discord.gg/KmVCtjB (This is where we will announce the casted.)


NOTE : We're looking for originality in VA auditions. So please! Add your little twist to it! We highly suggest it. Even accents would work too! (Of course, if you don't feel like doing any twists, it's perfectly fine! You still have a good shot! <3)


The Sound of Roses. Silence, as the wind flows through the shiny, red petals of a beautiful flower. 

The faint whistle of the air blowing through your ears, disturbed by the distinct screaming from afar.

You run after the faint noise, towards an alleyway in between two brick buildings.

Only to see a disturbing, shadowy figure above a corpse of a friend you once knew.

It walks towards you, and you're drawn closer to it.

Only for you to disappear into the alleyway. Gone, as the sound of roses continues to whistle.


Of course, the genre's are : Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Adventure, and a little bit'o romance.

There are two main groups, we're trying to be inclusive as everyone has their own qualities, and I love seeing those personalities come to life! There will be two groups, two different perspectives, and two different ways to see the story.

Of course, we will add an "Extra VA" role for side characters if you don't have the time to play as a main character. (I'm also sorry, but some of these characters do not have their skins made yet. If you join the discord, you will be able to get updates on each of the characters, so I highly suggest you to join it!)

Thank you for supporting and following [Starry League Studios] ! 

About the Creator: ZoomiZimi

Heyo. I'm Xii and I'm one of the 6 people who control and created this project. Our studios name is Starry League and we are a group who just started a few months ago with project experience. All six of us hope that this project goes very well as it's a little different than regular horror with children. This project will be our very first project being shown on Youtube and created. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy your time auditioning here on the project, Sound of Roses.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold