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    About Sonic Universe: The Silver Age - Gold Needed (1F)

    Hey everybody! TheMajinV here, and I'm in need of a female voice actor for my channel's next project - SU: The Silver Age! I have the other major roles casted internally, but Gold has been kinda tricky, and I'm eager to see what the voice actresses here can bring to the table! For reference, the rest of the major cast is as follows:

    SparkyRaptor as Silver the Hedgehog

    TheMajinV (myself) as Professor von Schlemmer

    Wolfblade93 as The Council

    Sakuraquify as The Bits

    pgcrooner as Narrator

    For hopeful voice actresses, I'll be looking for a few key things:

    1. Mic Quality -This is going to be the first thing I will be listening for in any audition posted. Please ensure that you record with the best quality available to you. If there is an excessive amount of static, feedback, or background noise; I will not be able to consider it, so please keep that in mind.

    2. Proper Emotion & Tone -
    A good-sounding voice is important, but so is the acting portion! After all, it's what we do best here, right? I do have some notes included in the character description, so please try your best to make use of those notes in your audition. If you think of something that isn't present in the notes, I strongly encourage you to try it out!

    3. Contacts and Commitment -
    If casted, I'll need to be able to get into contact with you. Once the audition phase is complete, I will pm you through this site in order to get contact information (ideally Skype and an email address). If I am unable to reach you after a certain amount of time, I will unfortunately be forced to recast to the next most qualified person, so please keep that in mind. This also goes for overall commitment to the project, sending in lines before deadlines, and general reachability. If for some reason you are unable to see the entire project through, we will discuss how to progress going forward (this may involve assigning an understudy or a full-on recast).

    That all being said, just remember to have fun! I look forward to all the auditions, and best of luck to all who try out :)

    - TheMajinV

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold