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About Love Live: Shunjou Romantic [Full Japanese Cover]

Hello all~ This is Metia again and I've been wanting to cover this song for a while.

Both Girls and Guys can audition, just be sure not to strain yourselves if the voices are way different from your natural singing voices. And be aware that this will be a full cover.

The time I usually allow for recording is 2 weeks, you may ask for an extension if you tell me prior, otherwise i'll be a worrywart and I don't think you'd like having a message sent to you each day you don't turn in your lines.

-----All roles will be casted at midnight of the due date if a role is left without auditions, then i'll instead split the script and make it a duet instead of a trio------

I'll be asking what your singsona is (A.K.A OC) so that I can attempt to edit a character for you. Your edit will be of your singsona on the girl you're cast as. These will be the pictures representing you in the video I make of us. (You may ask what my edits look like if you're kinda iffy about me making them, and you can op out of me making an edit for you, I'll be using the default girl if you do)
The video will be posted on Youtube, I'll create the video and do the mixing.
Good Mic quality (any background noise must be able to be edited out in your recording program or in Audacity)
On Pitch (I won't scrutinize the tiniest details don't worry)
On Tempo (I'll be a bit more picky with this, so if you put the music in with your audition I might judge it bit harder)
Have Fun~

About the Creator: metia

I aspire to be a singer and a voice actor. I've been in all of my school's choir classes since grade school and was part of my parish's choir group. I know the basics of how to mix/tune vocals and make/animate videos, so i can do those whenever needed.

I'll be heading to college soon so i don't know how that will affect my schedule, but i'll do my best to meet deadlines.

I record using my SADES Wolf 7.1 headset, and mix my audio using Reaper. When I make videos I use Adobe After Effects.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold