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About All-Girl Johnny & Associates Cover Group (JP)

Calling all Johnny & Associates fans!!

Hello! My name is Konori!
My favorite J&A groups are Hey! Say! JUMP, and Arashi!
I would like to put together a long-term Johnny's cover group!
You do not have to know any Johnny's groups to audition! (Though, it will help if you do!)
If you do not know any Johnnies songs, please use Arashi's "Love So Sweet" (linked at the bottom) to audition!

For those unfamiliar with Johnnies:
Johnny & Associates (aka "Johnny's" or "Johnnies") is a famous all-male talent agency in Japan, founded by Johnny Kitagawa.
It is known for having "good-looking" talents, and most, if not all, talents are taken in at a very young age (usually around late elementary/early junior high). The agency currently has over 10 groups, and over 15 solo artists.

Now, onto the cover group itself!
I would like for this group to be a six-member group!
I will be taking one of the vocalist spots! I also have two friends joining me, so there will be three vocalist spots remaining!
Our group name will be "J-Girls World."
"J-Girls" simply standing for "Johnnies Girls"
And "World" to represent the fact that the members are from around the world!
It's not the best name, but it gives the group a Johnny-esque name. LOL
Also, the project and role image is our logo!!

This group was going to originally be a cover of King & Prince's song "Cinderella Girl," but I have decided to change it to just a normal cover group for all Johnnies artists!

There are some rules that I'd like to go over for anyone who would like to audition:
đź‘‘Please be comfortable with showing your face. I would like to run this group as a net-idol group, so please be comfortable with at least a bust-up photo.
đź‘‘Please also be comfortable with sharing your birthdate and age! Your age will not affect your chances of being accepted, but it is more of a profile thing!
đź‘‘There is no age limit!
đź‘‘Please be active. This is a long-term project, so I'd like members who can commit. I would like to aim for one cover a month. We may slow it down if needed, but hopefully one month wouldn't be too much of a problem.
đź‘‘Please be respectful to other auditionees. You do not have to like other auditions, but please refrain from posting any rude comments about them in public. Failure to do so will result in your audition being disqualified.
đź‘‘Please have a Discord. This is how we will communicate, so it is very important that you have this. You do not have to talk in the server, but just be there when there is an update or announcement.
đź‘‘This group is purely for fun (but refer to bullet 4).

The final deadline for auditions is currently undecided, but once it has been decided, I will post an update.
Though, I am thinking about two months for auditions. But if I don't have enough auditions, I will extend the deadline!

Those who do not make it in the group, or are interested in how the group goes will be able to join the server at a later time.
I will have the vocalists cast and into the server first. Once we have debuted, I will open the server to the public by posting the invite in an update on this casting call. It will also be on our channel.

Our debut song will be Love So Sweet by Arashi.
(It was the opening song for the second season of the Hana Yori Dango live action).

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold