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    About [SFM] MLP Fallout Equestria Untold Stories Extras

    Hello There, We Are Post Apocalyse Broadcasting Studio, also know as PABS. 

    We are an SFM based Studio founded on the Idea of Creating "Fallout Equestria: Untold Stories of the Wasteland" Original based prequel stories fully animated and based around the popular pony fan fiction universe know as "Fallout Equestria" written by KKat

    You can find out more on our website: http://www.pabsproject.com/

    It Is our Studio Policy to make sure all Applicants understand that this is an R rated Project, Violence, Gore and Profanity will be common place in some of the characters provided and you may be requires to swear in your takes.

    What we are looking for:
    We are currently looking for Side Character/Extras for one or our Stories, this can be from one linked to a full scene or two depending on the role. 

    We Also currently have one main role open due to some unforeseen circumstances, which will also be detailed below, please be advised this is a main role and has a good number of lines.

    Equipment and Audio:
    We operate strictly and ask for a minimum of a Condenser Microphone and have little to know background noise when recording.
    Quality is better then quantity and we expect the best, we appriciate the co-operation.

    Submitting takes:
    We kindly request that the role you are auditioning for you give us 3 good takes of each line, with a 2-3 second pause between takes.

    About the Creator: pabsprojectstudio


    The Post Apocalypse Broadcasting Studio, also known as the P.A.B.S. is an SFM Studio founded on the idea of creating "Fallout Equestria: Untold Stories of the Wasteland", a fully animated prequel to the popular fan fiction "Fallout Equestria" written by KKAT.

    More About Us:

    Covering everything from Talons and the rise of the Raiders, to Tenpony Tower, this series will tell the stories you've been dying to hear, along with some you didn't know you wanted to hear. We plan to explore a broad range of new, original locations and legends in the Wasteland such as the the Tower of the Mysterious Broadcaster and the horrific Nightmare Circus.

    The Voice-Acting Department:

    IF you're fortunate to get cast in a role in one of our episode parts you can have the option of joining the VA Department of PABS which is an ever expanding group of Voice-actors who help bring the voices to the Characters in our stories.

    Of course this is completely optional but we also have applications to join the department as well, find us here. http://www.pabsproject.com/apply

    We do ask that have the ability to use a Condenser Micropone with Little to no backround noise when recording.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold