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Witchmeru's Previously Completed Works

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    About Sekai Ichi Episode One Fandub

    Sekai Ichi is a YAOI! that being said, its softcore and has very little to NO adult content scenes included. 

    Onedera Ritsugot shocked when he found out he got transferred into the manga section especially shoujo manga. His only wish was to do Literature.

    He worked in the Literature department at his father’s company. Well, I’m sure many of us will know what was the reason he transferred out. But well… His reason is a bit twisted due to his already twisted personality. Anyway, he just wants to proof himself that he do not want to be the best due to his connections.


    1. only audition if you are seriouse and committed
    2. only use best quality mics
    3. please put your best foot forward
    5. Must Have a Skype + Credit Name ready (Name you would like to be known for in the credits)

    ## there are some things that can excuse you from recording on time or participating entirely these reasons include....
    1. "I suddenly have a job" 
    2. "I have to start attending school/ summer school whatever" 
    3. "I am sick" 
    4. "I am going on vacation" 
    5. I need to work overtime
    6. I have to babysit 

    Mainly, its legitamate reasons you CANNOT control! (I only say this because I've had some very intense pumped voice actors join previous projects and drop out because: 
    1. They believed their ability surpassed others in the project
    2. they didnt feel like contributing anymore
    3. they just wanted to do 1 episode despite saying otherwise 

    .... Yeah, so my attendance rules are a tad strict now 

    About the Creator: witchmeru

    I have ambitions to become a real anime voice actress, that is my life goal! i will get there with much persistance. 

    The Kinds of things I do.... 
    I like to voice act ALOT it is my 90% of my spare time, so since there is often not enough projects to keep up with my needs I often cast and dub my own projects. 
    I do FULL SEASONS of anime, I dont do clips very often at all. 

    My Microphone... 
    Yes I use a 15$ headset BUT 
    it is a model of nexxtech that is no longer being sold, this particular model holds its own with the 100-300$ mics, the quality on it can go 384,000 Hz, I also make sure to record in rooms with no sound and all that jazz!

    Contact me if you like :P 
    I'm a very easy to get along with, easy to work with voice actress! and I'm always hosting dubbing projects! 

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold