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Classes Start Week of Jan 4th
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Lullaby Crescent's Previously Completed Works

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    About "School of Dramatics" - Season One

    All the information needed on the series will be provided directly below this sentence.

    SUMMARY: Jenna and Brittany Abernathy are the newest students at Sacred Heart High School. Jenna is a junior and Brittany is a freshman. While Brittany is nervous about her first day at a new school, Jenna tries to cheer her up, being the older sister, but is a bit anxious herself. As the day progresses, Jenna meets quite a few unfriendly people and Brittany is faced with many difficulties and challenges. Once they meet up for lunch, they discuss their day so far. Everything was pretty bad already, but once Brittany accidentally spills her drink on the principal's daughter, Ameila Gold, she vows to make both their years miserable. Thus, creating drama-filled problems for the both of them.

    Now, Jenna, Ameila, and Brittany are not the only major roles. There are TONS more. With that said and out of the way, I wish you luck on your audition(s), but first read the rules and extra information below. Thank you.


    1. You Must Have A Decent Microphone, And Have Little To No Background Noise/Static

    2. You MUST Stay Committed To The Project, As It Is An On-Going Series

    3. You Can't Just Have The Voice For The Character, You Need To Act Out The Emotions, Too

    4. Have Fun!

    WARNING: There Is Swearing/Cursing In This Series, So If That Is Not For You, Turn Back Now

    EXTRA NOTE: Two Roles Have Already Been Assigned, But Every Other Character Is Open. However, The Roles Taken Are Listed Below.

    Pony Plorta as Ameila Gold

    Lullaby Crescent (Me) as Brittany Abernathy

    About the Creator: lullaby crescent

    Hey, everyone, welcome to my profile! I'm a voice-actress myself, but sometimes I'd rather just cast people for projects. I'm also a song-writer, singer, and an actress who performs on-stage. 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold