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About Scars (A Audio Drama)

Note: This was going to be a Minecraft Roleplay so the character pictures are Minecraft skins, but they will not be used. I will draw these characters in the future. (The video above is me drawing the character Kei, that will be the style of art)

Some information about "Scar"

Plot: Kei had somehow lived after Dead-X killed his friends and family, everyone that was close to him and almost him. As he tries to get revenge and the dead is somehow alive. His revenge turns into a mission to save Alex Lie and stop Dead-X from hurting anyone else very again.

IMPORTANT:  The story includes dark mentions including Child Abuse, mental and fiscal trama, gruesome death and really bad paranoia. If these topics are hard for you to read about, then DON'T audition for this.

Some random information:
-Veleno is the sword Emma uses, it has a really strong poison that even if the sword draws a little bit of blood the poison from the sword will kill you in hours. There is no cure for it.

Veleno is Poison in Italian.

How to pronounce it:

-Dead-X is an organization that goes after people who might be too strong for the government to handle, so they are not illegal and work for the government. Most people don’t know about them tho. They track down and kill them before they can become a hazard. They also may try to hire the “hazard” to work for them. They work in teams called Execution Teams that have 5 or more people in them filling all the positions. Each team is lead by a “Mistress”, someone that has proven them self to the Moderator, the Moderator is in charge of Dead-X.

-A Skill Pack is the skills that make up a person who can fight or cause chaos or stop chaos, it can be stuff like being a good sword fighter or being good with a gun. These can be trained for.

-Powers are basically magic. If you have the potential for power you can train to get it but otherwise you are just born with them. If a person has powers or potential powers they can train to make them better.

-A Position is a position, exactly how it sounds. What position you get says what you can do, positions are given to people with powers or skill packs. You could have a position but not have it mastered, the more mastered the skill is the more powerful a person is. In this would about ¼ of the population has positions. Some people may have more than one position, 4/10 people with positions have one, 3/10 have two, 19/100 have 3, 109/1000 have 4 and 1/1000 have all 5. Positions can be changed or added to if the person with powers or skill packs train to get them.

The positions are:

-Fisherman (Far distance fighter)

-Leader (A close range fighter)

-Academician(is a word) (Someone who is smart and can come up with plains)

-Ghost (Someone who can stay hidden from Seekers or other things if wanted)

-Seeker (Someone who can track down people)

-FLAGS (Someone who has every position)

-Have a decent mic
-Have no background sound
-Get lines in on time
-Be committed
-Have Discord (Please put your Discord account with the number as a comment in your audition)
-Be 12 or older, if you are 12 or younger you can still audition but please say what your age is
-Follow all the rules on the Discord server.

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold