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Three Of Swords's Previously Completed Works

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    About Satan's Assassin

    Hello everyone! You tired of seeing me bothering everyone with FNaF and anime stuff yet? Well, gladly for you, this is a different type of project! I myself would like to break away from all that for a while and while looking through the manuscript for Satan's Assassin, I realized that it's not that bad at all. In fact, even though I wrote it so I am a bit biased, I think it's actually pretty good for a rewrite. I might make a discord group for this if you guys would be interested in that, just let me know in your audition. 

     So, What is Satan's Assassin? 

     Well, I'm so glad you asked Mr/Ms reader! 

     Satan's Assassin is the story of Lügner, a young man who commits suicide and finds himself in Hell. Don't worry though, this isn't a sob story. Satan, who has taken an interest in Lügner offers him a job as one of his assassins and, because Lügner doesn't find anything out of the ordinary in the contract and has nothing better to do with his life, he agrees. Soon after, he finds himself paired up with the overly inapropriate Gauner and the cold and cynical Blood Dog. This is about as far as is written, but hey! It's a good start, right? I like it so...Anyway, Here's a bit of an exerpt for you to check out and, if you like what you read, feel free to audition! If no one thinks this is cool, no worries man. I have another book about death and gods and magic. 

     Man, I write weird shit I guess. 

     “Welcome to Hell kid.” His voice was soft and deceptive “Didn’t think you’d be showing up this early, but hey, who am I to complain.” 

     I squinted at him slightly, my throat was sore and my voice came out rasped and empty of feeling “Who the fuck are you?” 

     The man laughed and I shivered “Well, you seem to be taking this a lot better than most people. Rather blasé actually. If this is Hell, than I must be Satan, mustn’t I? Oh, now I don’t care much for horns and red skin and all that tomfoolery, but I promise you I am who I say I am. Hm?” he cocked his head to one side, as his a though had stuck him “You won’t be staying with me for long apparently. While you’re here, allow me to make a proposition.”

     “Are you serious? I’m not an idiot. I may be dead, but I’m not dumb. By the way, I’m apparently dead so what’s the point of getting worked up about the fact I’m in Hell?”

     “Fair enough, kid. At least hear out my offer though. This is a once in a death-time chance after all.” He placed his hand to his chin thoughtfully.

     I sighed “Fine.” 

     “As you can tell, I’m obviously only one being. It true that I can inhabit many hundreds of people and things at once, why I’m doing it now, but even with that I cannot fuck with all of humanity at once.” He stroked his chin absently as he spoke “Therefore, I need a little help bending the rest of humanity over backwards. You have no reason to live anyway; otherwise you wouldn’t have set your house on fire. “ 

     I tapped my foot with irritation. “And the point is? Pointing out the fact that I have no purpose isn’t helping your case here.” 

     “Hehe, someone’s feisty today. The point is I have a purpose for you. A job, if you will.” He stood up and walked across the room, then turned to face me suddenly. “I want you to be…my assassin.” He snapped his fingers and pointed at me.

     I was utterly dumbstruck “You want me to what?” 

     IMPORTANT: This is going to get confusing unless you can understand that the characters are unaware that they are speaking English, as the book takes place in Germany and Lügner never learned English, as you will find out. I don't have the skills to write the book in German, nor do I want to. Just inderstand that to the characters, everything is in German and not English.

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