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About Saint Snow (Aqourtic) - Japanese Love Live Sunshine Chorus Auditions

Hello! We are Aqourtic (pronounced "aquatic"), an Aqours-based chorus!

We are currently looking for a Sarah Kazuno and a Leah Kazuno for our Saint Snow side of Aqourtic!

Aqourtic mainly creates covers of Aqours songs!
However, we do accept requests outside of the franchise, as well!
We also occasionally do special covers, such as our Dancing stars on me! cover for Halloween!

Saint Snow will be doing the same as Aqourtic.
Though Saint Snow does not have very many songs, let alone off vocals, we will have our Saint Snow side do Saint Snow versions of μ's, Aqours, and A-RISE songs!

Our Saint Snow side will also be participating in the specials with Aqourtic!
Saint Snow members may also sing as coverups for any Aqourtic member in need of one!

1. Have a decent mic! Please do not use your laptop mic, as it is not of good quality! Phone mics are not preferred, but they are acceptable.
2. No bullying! Bullying or saying rude comments to others who have auditioned will result in your audition being disqualified.
3. Please make sure you sound as close as possible to the character(s) you are auditioning for! You don't have to sound 100% like them, but you must be able to sound close to them!
4. Our deadlines are lenient, as we know everyone may have a life outside of voice acting and singing online, but if you are too busy (maybe with college, or work), please do not put more stress on yourself and audition! (Our deadlines are usually in the middle of every month, but scripts are provided MONTHS in advance, so there should be no excuse).
5. We have set up a 3-strike system. If you miss the deadline 3 times, you will be booted from the group. It is possible that we may revoke your strikes if you can meet the deadlines often enough.
6. PLEASE have a Discord or be willing to make one! This will be our main way of communicating!

If you understand those six rules, go on ahead, and audition!
Feedback will only be given to those who want it!

Please keep in mind that we may sing songs outside of Love Live (while singing AS the characters!), so make sure you're comfortable singing in-character! We may never know what kind of songs may come up for us!

Any animators and/or mixers who are willing to help us are welcome!

The latest we will hold the casting call is APRIL.
We will NOT  wait until then to cast, so audition fast!

Our current cast:
rei✾ (rtaeyo) - Chika Takami
Yuri Tsukito (pizzapoox) - You Watanabe
Brianna (cuuutiepie) - Riko Sakurauchi
Thana (ricecake) - Ruby Kurosawa
Janice (thetieps) - Hanamaru Kunikida
Cheiyun (cherrydreams) - Yoshiko Tsushima
CyberStarburst (cyberstarburst) - Kanan Matsuura
Kaoru Fujimaki (sparkleworks1) - Dia Kurosawa
Konori (guren) - Mari Ohara

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