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Fighter4luv Fandubs's Production Credits
About Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars English fandub

We're in the process of fan-dubbing Sailor Stars, the final/5th season of Sailor Moon, in the style of the original English version in North America produced by DIC Entertainment and dubbed by Optimum Productions in Canada.

Here's your chance to be apart of the final chapter of the story with Serena and her Sailor Scouts as they battle against the forces of evil in this professional-style project including all the classic Bob Summers music, DIC transitions, and voice-styles that you have come to know and love. It's also being released in both UNCUT and TV Edit versions!

This is a non-profit project, it's ongoing, at 38%, and we hope to complete all remaining episodes by the 30th anniversary in 2025.


Additionally you can contact me directly on Discord at Corzamoon

About the Creator: fighter4luv-fandubs

Dubbing episodes of Sailor Moon in English that were skipped during syndication by DiC & Cloverway. Our aim is to produce dubs with that OG dub nostalgia with NO censorship! We use all the original dub names (Serena, Amy, Lita, Raye, Mina, and Darien), re-created and made new transitions, and combined the music scores of Takanori Arisawa (OG Japanese composer) and Bob Summers (English localization composer).
This is an ongoing project. We have completed all of the classic deleted episodes and specials, and we're now making our way through the final half of Sailor Stars.