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    About S.O.S. (Minecraft Animated Original Story)


    *Image not final

    SHORT STORY: It's a story where a kid wakes up on an island with amnesia and has to go through a danger filled adventure to figure out why they're on this island while in the process remembering themselves little by little also ❄︎☼︎✡︎🏱︎💧︎ 🕈︎✋︎☹︎☹︎ 😐︎✋︎☹︎☹︎ ✡︎⚐︎🕆︎ ✌︎☹︎☹︎

    LONG STORY: S.O.S. Is a series where the main protagonist, for now known as Bomb, doesn't remember a single thing about himself. Though he can still talk, so that raises some questions- But that's not important: What's important, is that he can't remember his name or where he used to be. Throughout the series, he will meet companions that help him figure out who he is and how to get off the island. These companions are Peep and Waff, who also don't know much about who they are. Their named this because if they don't know their names, then they haved to be refered to something. There are also enemies in the series as well, like Nicole and Tay, and... Some one else, but you'll learn more about him in the roles. I dare not to speak his name. Anyways, Bomb and everyone else still need to survive until they find a way out so they need to go into these caves on the island to find materials and food and even some notes giving vague information about the island. If you haven't guessed already, this show has a major complicated story that was fun to write and might even be more fun to solve. But overall, that covers it, read the roles to learn more about the characters, and... End note.


    -This is a minecraft animation, so... Yeah be prepared for that.

    -You'll need a decent microphone and a somewhat open schedule.

    -Don't be afriad of swearing. Chances are you'll have to do it often.

    -You'll need skype.

    This project is mainly for fun, I wanted to see what people thought my characters would sound like. This is my first project, so if you need more details, just message me any questions you have.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold