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Harry Palmer2067's Previously Completed Works

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    About RWBY Fan Covers!

    Hello! My name is Harry Palmer and welcome to my first project!

    Alright, so what is this project?: This project is meant to be a group of talented RWBY fans that will be covering a variety of songs from the Roosterteeth series, RWBY.

    I am not a member of Roosterteeth, but I have been a huge fan of them for years, so I decided that I wanted to do some fan covers.

    We will discuss as a group what songs that we wish to cover, although I would prefer to do all of them.

    This project will likely takes months to complete, but as each song is completed, we will start the new one as soon as possible.

    I am extremely flexible when it comes to schedules with work, school, timezones, and so on so do not worry if you feel that you won't have time for this. I am patient.

    Now, for this particular project I have decided to cast myself in it as Jaune Arc. It is a part that I auditioned for in a fan cover of a song, as the only male who auditioned at first, and figured that it would help to get a headstart on the project.

    There are plenty of other parts available including Team RWBY, Team JNPR, Team STRQ, and quite a few other characters. There are also chorus members! Each role will have significance, so if you do not get a lead role then do not fret because every role is important and you could still steal the show!

    Here is a link to my own cover of a song so you can perhaps get an idea for a song to sing:

    Your auditions do not need to be this long or even the complete song, perhaps one to two minutes.

    I look forward to working with everyone who auditions!

    Thank you and good luck!

    P.S.: It won't let me change the image to my 500x500 one, so sorry if this one looks off on the Project!


    I am extending this project to also include Fan Dubbing! We will also be looking for speaking parts for those who don't like to sing or who would like to do both! Feel free to say so in your audition or contact me personally!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold