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    About Runaway


    Valentina Mariano, a girl with many faces. Can she go on?

    Knowing she left her father, a depressed alcoholic, knowing

     that the mother that left her several years ago might be out

     there somewhere…

    What exactly is this project?

    Runaway is a Minecraft roleplay series (undetermined how

    long it will last)

    What is the plot?

    An average, insecure girl has to continue on with life despite

    her rough past. She has to live with no guidance guide. She

    goes through all the cliche stereotypical scenarios that come

    with highschool. When will she ever be enough? A hopeless

    romantic, with a broken heart. Will she be able to break many

    hearts in search for the missing piece?

    When is the deadline?

    The deadline for the supporting characters is January the 2nd,

    however for extra characters, scriptures, and skin makers it

    will be January 26th.

    Do you need certain talents to get a role?

    Depending on the role it will state if it’s necessary.


    • 1. You must be between the ages of 12-20

    • to voice act. Depending on the role you choose

    • I will be flexible.

    • 2. Once you have signed up for the project and

    • I have cast you, you must stick with the series

    • until it is finished. If for whatever reason you can't,

    • you must find a similar voice actor/actress that can

    • pick up where you left off.

    • 3. You cannot reveal any of the information to anybody

    • who is not affiliated with the team of this project. It is illegal.

    • 4. To talk to each other, we're going to be using

    • Discord. Please have a discord account.

    • 5. Please refrain from trolling me. I have enough on my

    • plate as it is. You aren't funny.

    • 6. Respect others and their auditions.

    • 7. When auditioning, please make sure to have no

    • background noise. A little bit is okay, but let me know if

    • you have a microphone or not if there is. Professional

    • microphones are preferred and needed.

    • 8. I will give you a maximum of 5 days to complete your

    • lines and send them to me via email, depending on how

    • long the lines are. When sending in songs, I will give you

    • a lot more time so you can really learn and prepare it.

    • 9. You might have to record all your lines for a maximum

    • of 2 episodes a time, but if they're long in each then, again,

    • I will extend the deadline.

    • 10. You can audition for any of the roles as much as you

    • like, just make sure if you are re-doing your audition to let

    • me know first, get my verification, then withdraw your original

    • audition.

    • 11. Please do not adlib in your auditions for a role. Pay

    • attention to the words and how it is supposed to be said.

    • 12. You will not be paid for this project. This is purely for fun.

    • 13. Once you audition you are agreeing to all of these rules and are

    •  expected to follow them.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold