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    About Rumble Roses XX Story Mode


    I'm doing a fandub of the story mode of Rumble Roses, since the sequel, Rumble Roses XX has a lack of a story. This will be taking Rumble Roses' story mode and rewriting it to better fit Rumble Roses XX.

    NOTE: There will be doubles of characters, in both face and heel personas, IE, their voice pitches have changed, ect.. If you really want to voice as one character as both their face and heel selves, feel free to audition for both parts!

    For reference, here are the cutscenes & interviews:
    Cutscenes: http://j.mp/RRCutscenes
    Interviews: http://j.mp/RRInterviews

    A bit about this game (and its sequel):
    Rumble Roses is a professional wrestling fighting game that was developed by Yuke's and Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, and published by Konami in 2004 for the PlayStation 2. The game uses the same engine as Yuke's 2003 release Exciting Pro Wrestling 5. Rumble Roses was followed by Rumble Roses XX for the Xbox 360 in 2006.

    Rumble Roses features an all female cast. There are regular matches and mud wrestling matches. There is also a story mode and an option to allow two computer controlled girls to "duke it out while you watch." Each character is claimed to contain 10,000 polygons, a record number for the PlayStation 2.

    Rumble Roses boasts a heel/face system. Each character has an alternate side, bringing the total character count up to 22. Most characters start as a face, or good side. Three of them, however (Bloody Shadow, Candy Cane, and Evil Rose), start as the heel or evil side. Alternate forms of each character are unlocked through the Vow System. Vows are specific things the player must complete during matches, such as not using weapons, using a Killer Move, or winning the match within a certain time limit.

    A mad scientist disguised as a nurse holds an international women's wrestling tournament, and brainwashes and takes DNA samples from the participants to create super soldiers.

    Each character has 2 versions, and each version has a unique sub-plot within Story Mode. The versions, dubbed "Good" or "Evil", have unique attires, names and move sets. It is not possible to use both Good and Bad variations of the same character in the same match. Most "Evil" characters have a matching tattoo on their body, which implies that they have been brain-washed by Anesthesia. The alternate characters have a much shorter story-mode.

    A bit about the sequel:

    With the exception of a simple street fighting mode, the bulk of the gameplay focuses on matches which take place in various locales. Matches can be between individual wrestlers, between tag teams of two wrestlers each, or between a wrestler and a team (a more difficult handicap match).

    Matches are won either through pinning an opponent or forcing the opponent to tap out with a submission move. Players can break free of these through rapid button presses, although as wrestlers suffer more damage (both overall and to specific body parts), this becomes more difficult.

    The general game mechanics involve striking and grappling with foes to inflict damage upon different body parts. As successful strikes and grapples are performed, players fill a finishing move gauge which can be expended to activate special moves. Attacks can also be countered with the correct timing, resulting in humiliation for the opposing character. When humiliation builds up to a certain level, wrestlers become vulnerable to special "H-Moves", which have a high probability of inflicting a knockout. Other special moves activated via the filled gauges include "Killer Moves" and "Lethal Moves", which differ for each wrestler.

    STORY (or lack there of):
    Unlike the previous game in the series, Rumble Roses XX does not have a story mode. In Rumble Roses, story mode unveiled an overarching game plot as well as individual character-specific sub-plots. Successful completion with any character resulted in advancement of the stories. However, as this mode has been omitted in Rumble Roses XX, there is no implied plot-line for this game. Due to the two games being so similar, it suggests that the plot-lines from the first game still apply in the second. However, it offers no means of reciting or advancing these story-lines. If the player is not familiar with the first game, they would have to do independent research to discover the games stories (e.g. playing the previous game).

    If you're interested, please feel free to audition.


    1. Must have good mic quality. What I mean is I prefer your voice recordings to NOT have any static or background noise of any kind..

    2. If you are casted, record each line in individual audio files. Also, please send all your recordings in one folder for organization reasons.

    3. Must have an easy method of sending recordings, either thru e-mail or Skype, both of which are listed above.

    4. Must take more than one take in each recording. Sometimes there might be instances when I could want a line said differently. This rule mostly applies to those who are casted.

    5. Pretend you are in the character's situations. I want you to express the emotions the characters are feeling. Express your words joyfully when they're happy, express them with sorrow when they are sad, etc.

    6. And most importantly... HAVE FUN!!

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