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About [Comic Dub] Rock and Riot [Closed]

Rock and Riot Comic Dub

About the comic:
Rock and Riot is a webcomic, set in the 1950's with an LGBTQ+ theme. This comic is about two opposing teenage gangs, the Rollers and the Jaquettes, soon coming together to fight for the one thing they have in common.

The comic first starts off with Connie, the leader of the Jaquettes (one of the gangs), seeing Carla, a kind and modest girl, and immediately falling in love with her. Throughout the first chapter, Connie is finding ways to get Carla to notice her, or be impressed by her, but instead, Connie makes Carla confused and annoyed. Soon, Connie finds the guts to actually talk to her and then strikes up a conversation.

Many events happen throughout the webcomic, from fights, to a test heist, to the backstory of how the gangs came to be.

If you want to read the webcomic (which I highly recommend you do), then click the link below.

About the project:
I have gotten the authors permissions to dub this webcomic. 
Altogether, the webcomic has 16 chapters and I am planning to only dub the first 10 chapters.
Also, I am by myself in the production of this comic dub, so that means that I will need your patience with the timing of this project.

What you should have:
- An opened mind. Many characters are part of the LGBTQ+ community and fit under the trans umbrella, so please do not come and discriminate against the community. If you have any questions about any terms, then here is a link to a list of terminology 
- Decent audio quality. this means no background noises, no pops, no peaks, no echoing, anything of the like
- Decent acting skills. You should be able to express a range of emotion and you should overall, have fun with the character
- Commitment. I expect you to get your lines in on time, and if you can't do so, inform me. 
- Discord, this is where we will communicate with each other and where I will be getting to know the cast.

Other information:
Just a forewarning, some of the voices with be labeled as androgynous.
That means 'having both female and male characteristics. So the voice should be somewhere in the middle, but I will specify whether their voice will be slightly more feminine or slightly more masculine.
Also, I imagine these characters with a slight New York accent, though you can audition however you think they spoke in the 1950's.

The comic dub will be uploaded here

Have fun auditioning, and good luck!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold