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Elevensy's Previously Completed Works

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    About "Someone's In Trouble" | LazyTown: The Musical

    Robbie Rotten has finally done it. He's finally created a machine that has successfully driven out Sportacus - and it's all Robbie could ever want. Peace and quiet once again in LazyTown. But is it really all it's chalked up to be?

    This musical is a full-length production based solely on Magnus Scheving and Stefan Karl Stefansson's work on the television show, LazyTown. All credit goes to them for the characters and idea except for the original songs I'm producing for the show.

    This musical consists 2 acts, made up of 18 original songs spread out among-st the cast!  (This is not a sung-through. Dialogue is a big part of this show!) The time frame for this to be completed is not exactly set ; but I expect to be able to fund it by the end of 2017 or mid 2018 at best - such as finishing final drafts of songs, final copies of scripts and speaking to many different people who can assist in costumes, set designs and ideas for blocking. 

    About the Creator: Elevensy

    Hi there! I'm Kyarria (Kai-rah) - but please call me Ky.
    I sometimes go by "Aria", but that's very rare to happen. But don't be shy to call me that!
    I'm a very dorky person and I am extremely emotional (so please be aware ;v;) and I am into a lot of things you'd expect. Musical Theatre, Puns, Drawing/Doodling, Singing, Spending time with friends both online and off, the like! 
    Of course though, I do have social anxiety. It stops me from doing a lot, but never from making new friends! ♥ But please don't feel offended if I don't respond to you. 
    I also live in the state of New York! It's honestly not all it's cracked up to be - but that may be because I live in a smaller town. But I've seen the best this state has to offer, including NYC.
    Of course though, New York has a lot of good opportunities! I'm in a local theatre group and a local gym and they are my best friends and second homes! 
    Speaking of gyms, I'm really into working out and exercising! It helps me relieve a lot of my music stress and it really pays off in the end! Sports Candy is a elf's best friend!
    My favorite colour is purple - you should know that. You will see me use purple in absolutely everything I do, and if you ever hear me say it's not my favorite colour, I'm probably either hacked or possessed by a golden demon.
    Speaking of demons, I have a huge issue with nightmare disorder and insomnia. I am a total night owl and can be up all hours of the night if you let me be - meaning I get very social at 3 am. I have a strange sense of humor during the nightly hours too, so be warned if we are close enough to talk throughout the night! 
    I also have a half-brother, but he's a very sensitive topic for me to talk about because I was lied too about him being my brother for half my life and I never see him anymore, so please be wary of sibling discussion around me - thank you.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold