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About REVEL ( Red Velvet English Cover Group ) // KPOP

HOWDY! Bay Bay here bringing you an upcoming cover group that id love for you to try your best and audition for ! REVEL will be a revolutionary project when it comes to KPOP cover groups. My fellow director and leader of our group is my amazing and talented friend, MonaMarie. We will be playing Seulgi ( me ) and Irene ( Mona ). so if you've ever wanted a chance to sing with me and Mona too , nows your chance! 

The first song that we plan to cover is Happiness ! this group will be as quick paced as possible so do not audition if you are extremely busy. We want our group to be a loving family and NO drama will be tolerated !!! 

we have picked out out the best songs to showcase Wendy , Joy , and Yeri's voices the best!  So we are requiring you to pick one song to showcase your singing voice the best, wether you are a alto, soprano , or mezzo ... WE WANT TO KNOW hehehe! 

*above is a playlist of the songs we plan to do!* 

About the Creator: Baileydoxeyva

Hi there, pleasure to meet you!  

My name is Bailey, and i'm a professional theatrical actress and singer. 

the stage is my home, but I truly hope and pray being behind the mic can be like my vacation resort condo LOL ! hehehehe 

My very favorite part of acting is making others around me ( and hearing me) happy and cheerful, to give someone who's having a hard time feel joy and have a reason to fight and live again. its my dream. and i know that not everybody's' going to like me but thats okay, because i believe that we can make a difference. 

 Below is my current BIO  

Bailey is an aspiring professional actress and voice actress. She likes to think of herself and many others would describe her, as a bright light shining in the lives of those all around her. Bailey's mission she has set out for in life is too make 'almost' everyone smile! However, she doesn't just do it for them. It brings so much joy to her as well. Although bailey is a young actress, she has a very extensive theatrical background . She plays "The Ice Queen" in ACOF's a Fairy Land Fable, (and loves seeing the children come around after her icy side has completely 'melted'. ) her most recent role was Melman The giraffe in Madagascar, staring along side his "Hot piece of hippo" Gloria. Also Cru Ella De ville, and Baloo the bear in the jungle book. And of course how could she forget everyone's favorite old mole, Maude from Alice in Wonderland. Acting and seeing a happy audience is Bailey's passion. "It's all about the audience!" She says. But by far, She believes that Ms. Brandi Bullysaurus ( ACOF'S The Big Bad Bullysaurus) is without a doubt one of her favorite "voices in her head." Not just because Brandi is a BLAST to play, but because she teaches the need to know lesson to all children "Every bully has their reason to hurt someone else, and why they've become the 'villain' in a storybook." Bailey hopes that you all will enjoy the show. " it's a must see!" Miss. Bailey also adores her cast, and family, for everlasting support ! 


Bailey Elizabeth Doxey

(404) 245 3304



A Company of Friends Theatrical Productions 


Pinocchio : Cowgirl Doll 

Doo Wop Wed Riding Hood:  Cool Kid #1 ( main narrator ) 

101 Dalmatians :  Cruella De Ville 

The Jungle Book :  Baloo the Bear 

Alice In Wonderland : Maude the Mole ( supporting role )

The Little Witch of Wichita : East Witch  ( main role) 

Sleeping Beauty : Maleficent 

Madagascar the Musical : Melman the ‚ÄúHypocon-giraffe‚ÄĚ

A Company of Friends Educational Professional Touring Company  


A Fairyland Fable : The Ice Queen ( Elsa )

The Big Bad Bullysaurus : Brandi Bullysaurus 

The Dinorific Dino Musical: Dory 

A Company of Friends Educational Professional Touring Company  

JUNE 2015 - 2016

Assistant Technical Director

Carrollton High school 


Once Upon A Mattress : Ensemble ( singer and dancer )

The Greek Olympiaganza : Hercules 

An Evening of Scenes and Songs : 

All in the Timing : Milton the Monkey 

Momma Mia : Ensemble ( singer and dancer ) 

Suessical Jr. :  The Sour Kangaroo 

Carrollton Cultural Arts Center 


Blood Brothers  : Ensemble ( nurse/ annoying kid/little girl)

Hansel and Gretel KIDS : Assistant Director / Musical director / Witch 

Jungle Book  KIDS :  Assistant Director / Musical Director / Storyteller

Pochahontas : Assistant director / Musical Director / Mother Earth



Barbara Mckinney : Professional Vocal and Performance Coach   


Accents/ Dialects : 

New york/ Bronx/ New Jersey

British, Australian , Irish , Scottish, Hispanic/ Latino , Jamaican, Royal ,  female/male child, Southern, Italian, French, Russian



Dramatic Interpretation 

 Next To Normal :

Diana Goodman, Dan Goodman, Doctor Fine 

( Earned 2nd and 3rd place,)

 (Received State Bid ) 

Mayfest Teen Idol


 2018 : Top 10 finalist  ( Zombie by Cranberries ) 

2019 : 1st runner up ( 2nd place Waiting for Life : Once On This Island


English, French ( vaguely) 

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