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    About [RECAST] MANLY Idols! (Love Live Abridged SP00D) HONOKA SEARCH

    HEY YOU! YOU WANNA BE AN IDOL, BUT COULDN'T GET IN MANLY IDOLS BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T KNOW THIS EXISTED?! OR MAYBE YOU WANTED TO BE HONOKA BUT SOMEONE BURNED YOU BEFORE YOU COULD! Of course you do! Come on over here & give us a hand will ya? The Honkers is looking for you! There will be singing!

    Things happened to our Honoka & now we're searching for a new Honk. For those new with my projects, please read the following, cause it's basically a contract.

    SP00D Plot:
    When Whagenda High, a school to train vocally confused ladies to fight against the mystical forces of fantasy things, is set explode after 2 years due to lack of enrollment. Kosaka Honoka becomes inspired by the rival school/UTX's idol group B-RISE to start an idol group for Whagenda.

    ...This is going to be a disaster. I can just hear it.

    A few things I really need to emphasize before we jump on the boat for characters to audition for characters:

    1. If you're going to audition, there's an expectation of dedication till the end of the project (Unless you're okay getting involved in future projects). I'm a person who is very uptight on making deadlines. I can make exceptions when some things happen to you in real life, such as family emergencies, my own schedule being congested, or suffocating jobs & such (with an advanced notice). But I would prefer that within the 2-3 week time I give for lines, that you would make sometime to record the lines.

    2. Most of my deadlines are 2-3 weeks long on a Saturday due to me editing the episode all day on a Sunday. Unless there's another project with a deadline when I completed the script, it'll be the week after. Either way, that's the standard.


    Take note while these may or may not sound a bit rough, this project is still for the lolz, but it's also something I want to get done & not leave it to fade out in the darkness.


    -Please have a mic quality that sounds as good as this: I'm not asking for something super delicious in quality, but I will not take mics that sound like an attached mic on an old laptop with a super pixelated webcam.

    -As noted earlier (I think), there will be shouting lines & swearing, most are used in moderation, but they still exist. Emotions are strongly advised.
    -Improv is okay to include in the auditions & actual lines. Just don't change the original line too much, or if you're a person who does multiple takes, separate that from the other takes.
    -We do bloopers, so feel free to keep any slip-ups during recordings if you want.

    If you need some idea of the characters you wish to play as, YouTube is your friend. It would help to also have some knowledge of the anime &/or episodes so you have a general idea of the intentions each line has. Half of these lines are in BETA & others are from episode 1.

    You don't have to know the series too much, though it may help. All that really matters is that you unleash your full potential. Feel free to contact me about any other references you don't get, or confusing things in general. I'll be glad to assist.

    You don't have to necessarily sound like their original voice actor, but I'd at least like it to match with how they look (Or within the description of the character).

    Any other questions, contact me.

    ... Okay, that's enough typing from me. XD

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold