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    About Fanime: Secondary characters ~SINGERS NEEDED~

    I'm doing this because there are so many character in this series so please don't hate me.

    This will probably go horribly but oh well.


    This is a follow up to a previous casting call but instead featuring a different set of characters that are in need of voice actors! 

    I am also looking for singers that can contribute as a voice actor.

    Not all voice actors need to sing I'll list in the character's description whether it is mandatory or not. 

    Also, please do not take it personally if I don't pick you, I'm sorry but it's mainly just the fact that you didn't fit the character's personality. 

    Another thing, most of these character will not arrive until at least half way through the series!Although, you can most definitly voice minor or background characters in the meantime! If you're one of the singers you can also voice covers that will be added throughout some episodes. 

    If you're not interested in voicing the secondary or late characters then I suggest taking a look at the list with the main characters: https://castingcall.club/projects/raeloid-animated-web-series 


    I will not be adding the lyrics to the songs in the script lines, instead there will be 3 lines along with a few song choices that I'll list.  

    If you're auditiong for a character that sings I recomend a song from the following: 

    * This ain't a scene it's an arms race (Fall out Boy) 

    * I write sins not tragedies (Panic! at the Disco) 

    * Greener (Tally Hall) 

    (If you don't feel comfortable singing these songs you can certainly sing something else these are just recomended suggestions.)

    (At least one of these songs will be used in the series ^_^)

    (Just a quick heads up the the majority of songs with most likley be rock. Although the last song isn't as bad.) 


    Thanks for going through all that I hope it's not too much. 

    Also, I'll add the rules along with the story if some of you didn't see the previous casting call. 


    * I would highly prefure that you had a decent microphone when you audition. Although you don't need one as long as there is no background noise and minimum static. 

    *Keep in mind that once you're a voice actor that you'll be in the project for a while. So you'll need to be able to keep in touch with me via email. ([redacted]). If I don't hear from you after a certain period of time I will unfortuatly have to kick you out. 

    * Please make an effort to be active, it makes it easier when responding. 


    Raeloid is about a young female protagonist trying to get back to her home world. Along the way she meets new friends while discovering secrets and undercovering confidential information. While at the same time an unknown antagonist is trying to take over! They have to run from the people who control their country and people who aren't even from the same planet! Overtime the group must try and not fall apart while the world itself is.

    This series tries to focus more on disadvantaged people overcoming their inner demons rather than a bunch of overpowering kids defeating evil easily. This group of misfits have to deal with mental and physical disabilities trying to juggle that and the fate of their planet!

    I would like to explain more but I don't want to spoil anything else I have been working on this series for over 2-3 years trying to adapt and improve it! So I really hope that you take interest and audition! :)

    If you have any further question or you would like to learn more about the plot, please email me! ([redacted])


    To clarify any confusion I also posted this casting call on several other sites. 

    I'm sorry if I come off a little uptight this is a lot of information, anyways I hope you audition and have a great day/night! :)

    About the Creator: quasar

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold