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Tyler256's Previously Completed Works

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    About Psychosis (Official Voice Casting, Part 1)

    Psychosis (Working Title) is an original project that was in production over the past two years. The setting is supposed to be in a psychological horror setting that involves dark themes and possibly gore. The synopsis leads onto this:

    "It is Inauguration Day in Washington D.C., it may seem like a typical presidential day for President Rockefeller and his son, Oliver, but little did they know about the devastation that was about to arise. Fallen angels, demons, twisted monsters, and many other creatures have arisen from a vast portal of hell. Now it is up to Oliver to save his father and the rest of the United States with the use of two ceremonial swords given to him by his deceased uncle".


    I would like for you to literally be in the characters shoes, aside from varying out your voice to suit each character, dont say you lines blandly, imagine if you were in the same situation as them.


    Anyone who will cast for a certain character are to be punctual and to be clear of what lines they are delivering. Please dont procrastinate either! The longer you wait, it's another day closer for voice auditioning to be closed. I do understand if you are unable to keep up with voice acting due to sickness or any other kind of emergencies, but please message me if anything else comes up. Anybody contributing must be easy to contact, whether it be Email, Skype, etc.


    I am looking forward to making this animation look as professional as possible, therefore, I am seeking those who can record in high quality with crisp and clear recordings of their lines. Remember to stay away from any type of room or such that cant disturb you in recording or that can cause unwanted background noises (Turn your fan off!). Please have good microphone quality and omit any background noises. The reasons being is that auditions will be based upon the quality of your recordings. Apologies.

    * The I.E. stands for example tones of voices heard from other characters in different franchises.

    About the Creator: tyler256

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold