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Illya's Previously Completed Works

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    About 「Project: µ'sical sunshine!!」 japanese cover group 【Love Live!!】

    "Putting smiles on people's faces is what being an school idol is about! And that's a wonderful thing!" 
    Welcome to µ'sical sunshine's member scouting!

    Howdy there, I'm Illya Qutesy (Illya) if you didn't already know me in the community! I'm here with a LONG-TERM group, I'm ready to start up a new one because the other one's I've had disbanded =_=. But anyways! We'll be predominantly singing in JAPANESE hence's the title of the scouting!  We will be uploading all covers to YOUTUBE since it's a big platform.

    For this chorus I'm ONLY looking at the moment for females and males! SO AUDITION PLZ.

    Since I'm here I'll be talking about the schedule for our group, our debut song will be deiced by the group because this is a team effort so we all get a say in it. And there's something I'd like to address here as well, WE WILL NOT be singing overrated songs like Snow Halation, Start; Dash and such alike, why I want to apply this rule is because these songs are so over done, so the only reason why I'd ever let one of these songs slide by is if we swap the characters themselves, like Snow Halation (AQOURS VER).
    But taking a step back to how our schedule would look like, we'd have 2 debut songs, one showing off Aqours and the other showing off our µ's cast, and then we'd go onto subunits and this will repeat until solos or possible duets to come out. (We can of course use piano versions if we'd really wish to sing those songs)

    I will start casting on December 30th to January 15th this should be enough time to get enough auditions! // UPDATE: The deadline for this casting call will be Feb 15th

    As of the moment I will not take any roles because I've been very sick and my voice hasn't been up for actual singing, so the role I pick will be based on the auditions I get. Also if you are wondering if we're ever going to sing St. Snow songs or A-RISE songs, yes we will but I will probably not get actual cast for them because it'd be such a waste so I'd rather have the St. Snow and A-RISE members to be backup rather than actual main cast of singers.

    And if your wondering whats up with the role placement is not based on who's voices is closest to who's. I assigned the roles by what actual roles they have in the Anime / Manga /  PLOT (group *coughs*). Like how Chika and Honoka are the leaders of their groups that's why I paired them up. (Some of them aren't equal or completely stuck to how I explained it but just roll with it) It's so nice to try out different ranges when your trying to suit the character.

    There's also something I'd like to mention to do with the roles as well. As I stated before when I said "I assigned the roles by what actual roles they have in the group" so this is also apply to the staff roles. Let's use Honoka / Chika for another example, the person who as that role will be the leader / co-leader (depending on their time timetable but they'll be the leader along with me if I don't choose that role) but anyways they'd also be the leader!
    Let's do another example if you still don't quite get it, this time let's use Maki / Riko they'd be the mixers of the group because both of those characters compose the songs themselves so the closest I can a line them to the staff roles are the mixers! Of course you don't have to be, it's just a a higher chance of you getting casted and being closer to the characters.

    Here are the open singing roles:
    ● Honoka Kousaka / Chika Takami
    ● Kotori Minami / Mari Ohara
    ● Umi Sonoda / Dia Kurosawa
    ● Hanayo Koizumi / Ruby Kurosawa
    ● Rin Hoshizora / You Watanabe
    ● Maki Nishikino / Riko Sakurauchi
    ● Nico Yazawa /  Yoshiko (Yoshiko) Tsushima 
    ● Nozomi Tojo / Hanamaru Kunikida
    ● Eli Ayase / Kanan Matsuura 

    Here are the staff roles: (Also looking for another manager)
    ● Creator => Illya Qutesy (Me!!)
    ● Mixer => Illya Qutesy
    ● Animator => Just Erik
    ● Sprite Editor => Illya Qutesy 

    "With auditioning it self you can use instrumental or vocal only, I'm not too fussy about this"

    1) Please have a decent microphone! Doesn't have to be a blue yeti or something alike but please have a microphone without too much background noises! If it's just the computer overheating in the background that can be mostly removed but if it's people talking in the background or just the quality of the microphone, I will not cast you.
    2) If you're casted for this group please have a DISCORD setup or already active! This is our main way of communication and it's very easy to use.
    3) Please know at least 50% to 30% of Love Live Songs! It's very important because we are a LOVE LIVE singing group's pretty easy to know the reason.
    4) Be able to turn in lines within or on the due date! Being able to get the vocals before the deadline will lessen the burden for the mixers because they won't have to catch the vocals up on you! 
    5) Please do not start fights within this group! My first group had to disband because of this reason and basically how it started is that someone was giving criticism to someone else's group WITHOUT permission and then the fight started like that, so PLEASE if you're going to give criticism to someone please ask them first before giving any information! 
    6) Please be mostly active! This is VERY important because from my experience a lot of groups have gone down because of the lack of cast actually starting up conversations and such! So at least be on every week or so, it's also nice to get to know the cast a little more! 
    7) Please be able to pitch in here and there because THIS IS a group / team and the whole thing basing love live is WORKING TOGETHER! That's right, NOT letting just ONE person do ALL of the work! Even if you can't help with animating or mixing, you can help out with arranging things or organizing the group! (Good life skills to have)
    8) Understand basic pronunciation of Japanese, Japanese is an extremely easy language to learn unlike Italian or French 'cause both of them are really hard, especially French but please understand how to sound out the syllables,

    Small Credits for Amazing People:
    Just Erik (Thanks Erik for letting me use your vocal descriptions of the characters! He's really cool and a dingy, check him out!)
    Skai (Thankies mom for the idea of the description it self! Wuv ya <33)
    BTW if your wondering who made the sprite edits for the character profile picture's it was me!!)

    Well anyways, sorry if this desc is a bit long but I can't wait to see what's in store for this group! Bye bye~ <3 

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold