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About Project Cirmitzia [Animation Test, Audio drama] [Female VA]

This project is for multiple projects involving a single character that is a lead in them. These projects consist an animation test which will be done first. The second project will be an Audio drama, meant for a writing and dialogue test. And lastly will be a narrative in which is a small collection of short stories.These projects I plan to release will be around March through August. 

The only project I can promise on is March for the animation test for the first project. The frames are in the preset. Traditionally, all the frames are ready to be redrawn digitally. 

[Pre visual frame]-

As for the audio drama, it is currently being scripted and there is cover art.

[Cover Art] -

[Extra thoughts and recap with audio] -

The character you'll see is a character known as, Cirmitzia. (Sir-mitt-z-ee-uh) or Crim for short. She is a known Mercenary as well as a tough badass among her friends and coworkers. She's a rather tall woman, being 6 feet tall (182 centimeters) and only weighing 150 pounds (68 Kilograms). Crim's best known for her attire being a white t-shirt, a long, black, leather overcoat as well as black skinny pants and boots. She's also known for her natural blue hair and eyes. (Please don't question.) For my story direction, I'm starting with a character I've come to love as I developed her more through out the years and she's the first I want to have an official voice for.

If you choose to audition for this project, I have a specific set of protocols you must follow.

1. You will need to be committed. Any director for any project wants their production team, actors, etc. to be loyal to them for the project so I ask for you to stay committed to this character if you are chosen for Project Cirmitzia.

2. You will be asked to be live directed if you earn the role. To keep in contact, I will ask for your Skype or Discord (preferably Discord) to stay in contact with you.

3. You will be required to have good mic quality. This includes the following, little to no background noises, no pops, and peaking. XLR Microphones are preferred but if you have a USB and think your quality can follow these guidelines, then go ahead and audition.

4. You will need to not be limited to any sorts of acts like swearing, yelling, and soft nsfw material.

I wish for you to have fun with this project when auditioning. If I had money, I would give some for what hard work will be put into these projects. Unfortunately, my wallet is empty and as been empty for quite sometime when it comes to online commissions, the only payment I've made so far is to get this project up on the pro board.

I hope you all the best of what you can bring to the table.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold
New class announcement: Video Editing!. Starts May 25th.

New class announcement: Video Editing!. Starts May 25th.