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    About Princess Project

    This is a casting call for an animated series entitled Princess Project (title pending). This series is a fantasy/thriller that tells the story of a princess named Leila, and her struggles in saving her kingdom. The main protagonist, Leila, is a lesbian princess, and through innovative story telling we will not only be able to convey a compelling and riveting story, but educate a younger audience on self-identity and discovery. 

    I'm looking for a team who is as passionate about educating and bringing representation to LGBTQ+ characters in media. This project will be one similar too "In A Heartbeat", although this will contain a continuing story line with dialogue and other key components. Of course this story does not revolve around the fact that the main charterer(s) will be LGBTQ+, but I feel it is something important for audiences to see a princess that strays from the social norm. 

    I am looking for writers to work alongside me, as well as animators and voice actors to make these characters come to life! These are subject to change, as I am very open with adapting the story and the characters in it. Please bring any creative ideas you may have! 

    *Any profits that are made from this project will be evenly distributed among all members of the team!* 

    Brief Description of Story:

    This animated series follows Leila, the princess of the Kreterra Kingdom. The kingdom is one of magic and mischief, but buried deep beneath these magical walls lies tyrannical leadership and a discriminatory social hierarchy. As she grows older, Leila begins to see through the facade, and pledges to restore her kingdom to it's former glory. Through all obstacles, she will also be faced with finding herself, and realizing that as long as you have love (no matter what kind), you can persevere. 

    About the Creator: lillianjen8

    I am a solo creator who wants to experiment and create.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold