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    About Pokémon Sun and Moon Abridged

    Hey there! My name is DeWarioFreak. My real name however, is Anthony. I am the creator of Pokemon Sun and Moon Abridged, a YouTube parody series that uses footage of the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime, but adds on new voices and music to critique and ridicule it. In other words, it's an abridged series. (Keep in mind there is swearing and sexual humor)

    I don't want to sound prideful, but Pokemon Sun and Moon Abridged has accumulated some internet fame. I've had the voice actors and actresses from it be recognized from it, it has hundreds of thousands of views, hundreds of likes, and a ton of support from fans, which I am all so grateful for.

    What I/you need
    In order to keep production quality up high, I need high quality voice actors and actresses. This is where YOU come in!

    You can be my star, my voice acting hero, my professional! All I need is for you to audition for the characters below, with the voice I ask for, but also the following things:

     - A good quality microhphone: no background hissing. If you're microphone doesn't cost $500, that's totally fine. Just make sure it sounds at least as good as a Blue Snowball Ice or any other base entry microphone.

     - Dedication: I need you to be just as dedicated to the project as I am. I want you to be there with us (me and the rest of the cast), and actually be looking forward to the next episode(s), regardless if you appear in it. I also need you to be patient. Episodes can take a very long time to make, and I may not need lines from you for quite a while. Think of it almost like a reserve seat. Of course, if you are doing a one-time minor role, that's different.

    That's all I ask of you. Of course, I promise to be kind, understanding, and help you with your role in this project as well! I don't just want your talent, I want your friendship!

    Thanks, I hope you enjoy this Casting Call, considering auditioning, and have a great day!

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold