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Rhymu Skyes's Previously Completed Works

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    About Party x Party Vocaloid Chorus!-Redoberi Chorus

    Hi everybody! My name is Rhyme, and a friend and I (their profile is right here --> here!) want to start a vocaloid group/chorus! We'll just be doing cover songs of Vocaloid! Vocaloid, if you didn't know, is a voice synthesizer program used to make music!  It's very popular in Japan, and growing in popularity around the world as well! Our first project and current one is Party x Party by Hitoshizuku x Yama. We're currently looking for Rin, Meiko, Kaito, and Luka more importantly, but also Gumi and Gakupo for the next big project right after Party x Party, which will be the Bad End Night series, also by Hitoshizuku x Yama. I have the part of Miku, and my friend Finn, linked above, has the part of Len.  If anyone has any questions, feel free to message either of us, though I am head of the project so it is preferred you message me first ^^. We are also looking for a video editor, if possible. I can edit videos but I am certainly not the best, so if anyone has any video editing skills, please make sure to mention that in your audition! One last thing, the first audition in each role is actually an explanation of what I wish to hear from everyone, and how the lyrics for the songs go. Rules below, please read through them all!

    Audition Rules

    -No voice filters, no background noise, or harmonizing please. I would like to hear your voice and just that! If you feel the need to put a filter on it, please know that it will not help your chances of getting the role, but actually hurt you more.

    -Try to audition for characters that your voice is close to, but there are no limits! All roles here will be gender neutral, so don't feel the need to be held back by that. If I like your voice a lot and you have a character preference, I'm sure it'll work out!

    -You can audition for as many roles as you want, and it'll help me hear the different ways you can sing, but keep in mind you will only be picked for one role.

    -Good mic quality please. I don't need to know what mic you use or anything (i personally use a Yeti Blue USB Microphone if anyone is curious), but I really don't want to hear any white noise or static if possible. 

    -No troll auditions, even if you have a serious audition for another role on here. One troll audition and you will not be allowed in, no excuses. 

    -No rude comments to any auditioners, you will also not be allowed in. NO exceptions to this. 

    -If you can, please put the following information in your actual audition, or in the comments! Just as long as I get it somehow.




        -Singing experience (school choir, singing lessons, musicals, etc.)

        -How long have you been listening to vocaloid? Who is your favorite?

        -Anything else you think we need to know!

    -Please do each song part twice. Yes, it's long, but it's easier than me rewinding it over and over. 

    General Rules

    -Again, no rude comments if someone else gets a part that you were hoping for. If you really want to be in the chorus, please message me and see what other characters you could audition for. Much later on, auditions will be open for IA and Mayu as well, so keep that in mind. (If you wish to audition for them now, put the audition in any role and say right away you are auditioning for IA or Mayu. Keep in mind it will be awhile before they are brought in.)

    -You must have an email as well as a Skype account. Yes, both. I will be using these as forms of communication as well as meetings with the whole group.

    -I'll be giving critique! Telling you things I liked about your audition and things I would like to hear differently if you wish to take another stab at it. If you had a bad cut, feel free to take it out before submitting your audition!

    This call was actually remade! Here is the original, though it is closed now. Any information that I may have missed is covered here!

    Alright! Please message me here if there is any questions, or if you want my email! Have fun ^^ I try to get back to people as soon as possible.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold