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Winter Wolf The Gaming Star's Previously Completed Works

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About ~ Paradise Falls ~ (NEED VOICE ACTORS ASAP) ~ Minecraft Roleplay ~

A romance, mystery, minecraft roleplay. between Clawshard and BrokenShard, I beautiful sight between a terrifying story, or abusive? Maybe if a death sentence.

Who will know the story or who'll die trying to find out.

Basically Paradise Falls is a series involving a more dramatic story of a high school. It involves a procedure that will fuse your genes with an animal based on your persona, if your animal is mythical then you go to BrokenShard but don't be fooled by its scenery. It’s game to see who’ll escape the school first, the strongest, the smartest. Brawn or Brains, a simply game? Nope!

In this project i include a little extra of things, which also has a server involved so you know what that means. Body Acting! Since I hate it when I watch a roleplay and the characters are literally dead don’t move at all. I wanted to add life to my characters and Roles! Another thing is that there is alot of ships and if you don’t know what that is let me explain it to you, when two people are a couple, Or imagined as one. Which also involves Romantic Dialog for some of the Character some are obvious some aren’t as obvious.

*+My YouTube Channel+*


There are requirements so here they are!


1. Discord

2. Decent mic or application shall be denied

3. Minecraft

4. No Drama

[] ¼¼ [] Rules [] ¼¼ []

There is a bit of rules that are involved with this project! Cause every fun thing has to have limits, soo…. Moving onto the rules!

Once you’ve been casted I will either private message you or message you on discord. Then I’ll interrogate you or just ask you these simple questions.

  1. Are you above the age of 10?

  2. Do you have minecraft?

  3. Have you worked in previous projects?

  4. What times are you available?

You Answer these questions truthfully and decently I will send you the group link to the discord group. First thing everyone asks me when they get the group is it improve? No, we have a script but we give you some freedom of words in the case. So you can bring the character to life!

Another thing is this project is a partnership, which means two people are the bosses or the managers whatever you want to call it. So they’re two owners, Me who does the building, Casting Calls, editing, and uploading. Then Elly my partner or the other owner, She does the scripting, interviewing, Strikes, and solves majority of the drama issues. Also she is Harsh during interviews, because “I’m too nice.” Moving on!

That's all and thank you for reading before auditioning, Bye~Bye~!

About the Creator: WinterWolfTheGamingStar

Hello, I'm Gabri.

Here are a few things you should know before accepting me as a voice actor for your production/role-play.

1- I'm fine with Vulgar language. As long as it's not repetitive, as in every single sentence has some sort of Vulgar Language.

2- I'm Bisexual, so I’m fine with transgender roles, flirtatious roles, or any role in general that I can role or voice.

3- I am over the age of 10. (Just so you know I am not a skeptical 8 year old writing this, I swear.)

4- I have no pricing!!! This is my hobby (After tennis) so I do this for fun. 

5- I am never available during June. I go on vacation with my family, so don't expect me to be on during June. Also during weekdays I am only on during Tuesday and Thursday, 

6- I can sing. At least I think I can. (I need a critic here!) I'm a capable singer.

7- I have discord, Skype, and No social Media!!

8- I don't want to be in a project/production that has had a bad history. Meaning, I don't like a Production where other Voice Actors are arguing, throwing insults, and blocking each other. I am just there to turn-in lines and leave. Unless there is a mini-game of sorts.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold