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About [PAID] I'm Oh, So Busy...: A Week with Yoshimi - An Upcoming Visual Novel!

Hello, my name is Berry, welcome and thank you for your interest in "I'm Oh, So Busy...: A Week with Yoshimi"! This visual novel is still in the early development stages, but here's what is going on: 


This is a slice-of-life visual novel that revolves around the life and times of Yoshimi Hertz, a well-to-do college graduate from Sacramento who moves to Boston to begin the next chapter of her life. She has big dreams of earning a Ph.D. and becoming a therapist, but there are many things that she'll have to realize first... Her parents want her to get a taste of the real world before she goes on to grad school and understand what it is that life is about. This means that she now has her own place and a new job for her to take care of before she can continue her studies. Now in Boston, she is left to her own devices: a far cry from the life that she once had. This game will cover the first week as players are taken into her day to day life. While she is extremely nervous about all of this, she is determined to carve something out of her newfound freedom. This story will start with her arrival to Boston and end with her completing her first week. 


This is the first visual novel that I have ever developed. Production has been going on since March, but I am glad to have the help of so many talented artists and music producers to make this happen. I am planning to release a demo version of this game on Steam and Itch.io by April of 2019, with a full version ready to be released by September of 2019. This is a game that can't be done without the help of some talented actors to make the characters really come to life. There are comedic, dramatic, and in some cases, erotic elements to this game, so be aware of that when auditioning. YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO AUDITION, as well as have access to either PayPal or Venmo to receive payments for all of your hard work. Below is a link to a portfolio of everything that has been completed so far:



And now to the good part! Now is your time to shine and show me what it is that you're made of. I am looking for the best of what CCC has to offer, and am hoping that you are it! Give it everything that you have when auditioning and treat it like it's the last audition that you'll ever give. All characters provided will have a short description of their role in the game with three lines for you to record. These lines are what you will find in the game. If you feel that your audition wasn't up to par and want to redo it, you are free to send me a PM to let me know, but do it before the deadline. All auditions should be in the MP3 format, have minimal to no background noise, and be used with a high-quality microphone, nothing less. If you want to audition for multiple characters, I won't be mad at you! You are allowed two takes. 


This is a paid role, but it's not like other paid roles. I am planning to release this game for a profit, and am planning to split it amongst all of my employees for my studio. As a voice actor for this project, YOU are an employee. For every dollar that is made from this game, 70 cents will go towards myself and the studio to make more games, and the remaining 30 cents will be split amongst all of my employees (including you) for making this game happen. You will receive a monthly payment via PayPal or Venmo from me.  Any failure to produce your lines without a proper excuse ahead of time (i.e. death in the family, serious illness, birth in the family, moving to new location) will result in a lowered payment or none at all. Please make sure you have the schedule open to do all of your required episodes. If you have any doubts about that, then you can either message us with your concerns or simply apply to another project. We need a dedicated crew to see this through to the end. We would hate to have to recast a character well into the project. 


- Money.  

- Your name in the credits. 

- Free digital copies of the game soundtrack, featuring various tracks from LoFi/EDM producers. . 

- A game to put on your acting resume. 

- The pride of your family members. (results may vary)             


You have no idea how much it means to me that you are considering this project, considering that all of this started earlier this year. This is the first game of what I am hoping to be a successful game studio, and I'll need the help of YOU to make it happen. The project image is Yoshimi done by the talented LizBeat! 

The song that is included in this casting call is going to be in the game, just to give you an example of the game's vibe. 

You can contact me from following questions at the links below if you have any further questions: 


theberryguild @ gmail.com 


OFFICIAL DISCORD: https://discord.gg/dgAUvq




The Berry Guild 



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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold