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Von Weitenstein's Previously Completed Works

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    About [Original short animation movie] -Stagnation-

    Hello castingcall club members!
    Today I would like to present the project I am working on.
    It´s an animated short movie called Stagnation.
    The movie is a drama about lost opportunities, regrets and depression. It contains many visual elements of the Baroque and is written with a great influence of Romanticism.
    The Protagonist is the only person you see in the whole movie, while the story takes place in his loft and is told through his thoughts. Most of it is told in a vaguely self focused emotional way.
    Its more about what he doesn´t do, instead of relying on his action. While he keeps avoiding to face his problems, he ends up doing nothing at all. He is lying to himself, instead of breaking out, he breaks in. 

    It was fully done in Blender and is rendering while I am posting this thread.
    The movie is non commercial so i cant pay you. Of course you will get credits for your part.

    I need 3 voices for the whole movie. None of these need to be lip synchronized.
    The story was written in another language and translated into English (I found a translator to help me out)
    Anyhow, if you find a mistake or something that you would not say the way it is written, feel free to let me know.

    If you want to see some material, check out: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stagnation/960125690683088?ref=aymt_homep...
    The music for the movie is provided by: https://endlessmelancholy.bandcamp.com/

    I know i posted a lot of lines for every character. It is NOT requested that you do all of the lines for a character you want to audition for. Quality over quantity.
    For everyone who is going for the Protagonist: The first and the second lines are the most important.
    I am looking forward to your auditions. Send them to this email: [redacted] 

    Deadline: 15.05.2015

    Best Regards

    About the Creator: von weitenstein

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